Introducing Vertical Tabs in Firefox Nightly: A Leap Towards Enhanced Browsing Experience

Explore the new vertical tab feature in Firefox Nightly, aimed at improving navigation and space utilization for a streamlined browsing experience.

Mozilla has recently unveiled a new feature for the Firefox browser’s Nightly test version that has long been anticipated by its user community: vertical tabs. This development marks a significant milestone as it addresses a frequent request evident from the buzzing discussions on Mozilla Connect forums, where the topic has been second only in popularity to native tab grouping and PWA application support restoration.

As per reports from various sources, the Firefox Nightly version (Firefox-126.0a1) now incorporates native vertical tab functionality. By default, this feature presents web pages in a vertical layout, showcasing thumbnails only.

However, with a click on the double-arrow “expand” icon, detailed information about each tab becomes visible. Notably, the current test version allows for the simultaneous display of both horizontal and vertical tabs, aiming for an optimal user experience.

firefox nightly reddit announcement posts

A Mozilla employee shared on the official Firefox Reddit forum that this feature is still in the early stages of conceptual testing. The primary goal is to explore a solution that meets modern browser requirements without overburdening Firefox. Over the coming months, Mozilla plans to engage with the community, seeking feedback to refine and enhance this feature.

firefox browser nightly changelog vertical tabs

Previously, browsers like Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi have offered native support for vertical tabs. This functionality enhances drag-and-drop capabilities and categorization, besides making better use of widescreen monitor space.

With the introduction of vertical tabs, Firefox aims to align with these browsers, further improving its usability and appeal to users who favor efficient screen space utilization and organizational features.

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Introducing Vertical Tabs in Firefox Nightly: A Leap Towards Enhanced Browsing Experience

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