Best settings for VLC Media player for listening to music

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Best settings for VLC Media player for listening to music: Just clickbait or real?
More often than not I find myself in the dilemma where I am one of those people who try to mix too much of art and technology. In my personal opinion, Art and technology are two sides of the same coin and the way forward is only when we mix both of them together in order to create a fusion of something new. Music itself is one of those things which is progressing rapidly as technology is moving forward. A lot of changes on the technological front are making a foray into music and making sure that Music as we know it is constantly evolving with the day. But the real truth is that often what we hear from various sources is nowhere as close to what the artists originally made in their studios. How can a person appreciate good music if they can’t hear what the artists originally made? So guys today here we are at Inspire2rise with our article on the best settings for VLC Media player for listening to music.

Preface: Why the need for Best settings for VLC Media player

Products like BeatsAudio and Audiophile grade headphones exist only because there is a huge demand for people who really want to experience music like it, they want to feel the music as it was created by the artists and that feeling of being there right in the studio when magic is being made.

When you are hearing music you are often hearing compressed quality tracks and few of us like me who listen to FLAC or WAV music i.e. lossless music know that our default media players and their default settings aren’t that great to experience music in its pristine glory.

But with few software side enhancements and tricks you can make your music sound better and using good quality headphones/earphones also helps in improving the overall sound quality of the music that you are experiencing.

So here are a few tweaks for all those people who use VLC Media Player either on Windows, Mac or Linux. These settings would be the same for all of these platforms.

  • Fire up your VLC Media player.
  • Now Go to Tools > Effects and Filters > Audio Effects Tab
  • Now go to the Graphics Equalizer tab. Enable it.
  • Check the 2-Pass option. In the graphics equalizer tab select the “POP” preset, this makes your music sound warmer and somewhat natural, but if you prefer heavy bass then you can select the “Full Bass” preset.
  • Go to the Compressor tab and enable it and then close.
  • If you really want to then you can fiddle with the slide bar controls on the settings but these settings are sort of generic and would definitely give a richer tone to most of your music!

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Stay Inspired to rise fellas and keep fiddling with your settings, musical Nirvana might just be a click away!

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