AMD to add Ray Tracing support to Navi graphics cards by the end of the year!

Long awaited Ray Tracing support coming to Team Red’s products soon!

AMD Greater China Partner Summit has begun in China recently. AMD Senior Director Jason Banta introduced the current outstanding performance of the Ryzen series processors in the global market and said AMD Ryzen 9 3950X and the third generation AMD Ryzen Threadripper processor will arrive in November this year. In addition, AMD’s adrenaline drivers will also bring new features in December 2019. Some of these features are going to be really exciting if rumours are to be believed!

Now, according to WCCFTECH’s latest news, the latest feature brought by AMD’s adrenaline driver in December will be ray tracing support on Navi graphics.

amd gc partner summit news

AMD is expected to add ray tracing support to the Navi graphics card at the software level, as the current Navi graphics card does not yet have the hardware for a dedicated level of acceleration. AMD will launch a second-generation RDNA graphics architecture graphics card next year, which is expected to be equipped with a ray-tracing core for full hardware support for this feature.

The next-generation Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 consoles will also feature the next-generation RDNA graphics engine that supports ray-tracing hardware acceleration, and the next-generation consoles are expected to be available during the 2020 holiday season.

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AMD to add Ray Tracing support to Navi graphics cards by the end of the year!

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