Eternal Flame

 Eternal Flame. Fire within your soul.

Eternal Flame inspire2rise

Stay tuned for more images to inspire you. Inspire2rise motivational pictures and such awesome drawings by our artists! Because the Eternal Flame is right inside us. We just need to hind that fire in our souls. Start giving and stop expecting.

“There burns an eternal flame inside you and me, there’s a fire inside you. There’s fire inside me. Let’s make the whole world shine bright. -A.N.J”

Eternal Flame is also the name of a song by The Bangles. It was a number one single back in the 80-90’s period. Here are the lyrics for the song Eternal flame by The Bangles.

Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling.
Do you feel my heart beating.
Do you understand.
Do you feel the same.
Am I only dreaming.
Is this burning an eternal flame.

I believe it’s meant to be, darling.
I watch you when you are sleeping.
You belong with me.
Do you feel the same.
Am I only dreaming.
Or is this burning an eternal flame.

Say my name sun shines through the rain.
A whole life so lonely.
And then you come and ease the pain.
I don’t want to lose this feeling.

Check out this beautiful song too on YouTube, and feel the fire ravage your soul. Let it burn all that’s bad inside you.


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Eternal Flame

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