Google AdSense Side Rail Ads Are Coming Soon!

Side rail ads to show on wider screens from 13-12-2022!

Recently Google AdSense mailed all publishers regarding roll out of a new ad format named as Side Rails. Here are the official details from the Google AdSense mail itself.

Today, we’re announcing a new ad format called side rails. Side rails are ads that stick to the sides of your pages when they’re viewed on widescreen devices, such as desktops. If you already have anchor ads turned on, side rails will automatically start to appear on your site after 13-12-2022. If you’d prefer not to show side rails, you can turn off this option in your Auto ads settings.

What does this mean for me?

• From 13-12-2022, if you’re using anchor ads, this ad format will start to appear on your sites on wider screens such as desktop devices. • You may see an increase in your auto ads revenue. • The change will apply to all sites that have “Anchor ads” enabled in your AdSense account.

What should I do next?

• There’s no action required from you for this change to take effect on your sites. • If you’d prefer not to show side rails, you can turn off “Side rails” in your Auto ads settings. Sincerely, The Google AdSense Team

So that was the official mail from the AdSense Team, people who are using Auto Ads and have enabled Side Rails option in there might see an increase in their Auto Ads revenue over the course of next few months in case they have a high percentage of desktop traffic. Time will tell whether this format further benefits users or is just another superfluous update.

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Google AdSense Side Rail Ads Are Coming Soon!

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