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HarmonyOS enables multi-device interaction with minimalist UI and intelligent experience!

HarmonyOS gets new updates!

  • HarmonyOS 2 enables the ‘Drag to Connect’ function to interconnect devices
  • Playback Control Panel allows music to smoothly flow between smart devices
  • HUAWEI HiLink has been upgraded to HarmonyOS Connect to equip more non-Huawei devices

Huawei’s recent launch, HarmonyOS 2 has changed the way smart devices interact with each other. Its latest operating system aims to build a unified OS architecture through which many different devices could interconnect seamlessly, resulting in minimal UI and maximum intelligent experience.

As users own more and more smart devices, the devices’ interconnection has become complicated. To establish a connection between them, users have to go through multiple steps to discover, pair, and work through various features. HarmonyOS 2 brings a simple and intuitive connection method called ‘Drag to Connect’. In the Super Device widget under the Control Panel of a phone, the icon of the phone is encircled by a variety of other devices including tablets, PCs, smart screens, speakers, etc. Connection is as simple as dragging the icon of one device to the phone to connect the two.

When enjoying music, users may want to change between streaming apps on their phone or switch from the phone’s speaker to Bluetooth earphones or a wireless speaker. Such operations can be time-consuming. On HarmonyOS 2’s playback control panel, users simply need to choose a playback device in the widget, and the audio content will instantly switch to that device. The Super Device interface presents the connection status of all devices in a more intuitive way than traditional text descriptions in a device list.

Huawei has also amplified HarmonyOS to the smart home sector. HUAWEI HiLink has been upgraded to HarmonyOS Connect to equip more non-Huawei devices with smart features. Traditionally, to set up and operate existing smart devices, consumers have to install apps from different vendors. Less than 10% of appliance owners have installed apps. However, if a smart home device integrates HarmonyOS Connect, then users only need to tap their HarmonyOS phone against the device to set up the connection.

HarmonyOS 2 is defining a new hardware form factor. Instead of being separated and independent from each other, HarmonyOS devices can be connected and collaborate with each other seamlessly, allowing consumers to enjoy the convenience brought by Super Devices.

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