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  1. Aditya,

    Nice throughts.But I don’t think you could rank these days with in a week with out black hat methods.Google does its own time and one may have to wait 3 to 6 months to see what exactly happens to your site.

    So one should not expect any thing great to happen in first 6 months and if you are bale to rank for few good money keywords then you could grow your site from there on.

  2. Thanks you so much sir it is really helpful. Can you please tell on which topic will better to start blog.

  3. Hai Aditya,

    Great post sir. Earning big dollars with less amount of time is not an easier process. One should have creative thoughts about designs to do for their website.

    I agree that niche site is one of the best methods to earn big dollars with less time. Thanks for your tips. Keep sharing, all the best.

  4. This post is helpful for those people who want to start income with web Sites and for that in this post gives some important and helpful points in brief. Thank you for sharing your incredible ideas with us and it’s useful information.

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