How to Earn Big Dollars With a Niche Website in Less Time

Niche websites are in big time. People are earning big dollars in really less time, and most of them with really less effort. To know how to earn big dollars with a niche website in less than a week, first, we need to know what a niche website really is.

A niche website is one which is focused on a specific niche, it works on the principle that you make a website with a laser-sharp focus on a specific topic and provide targeted content, and voila your niche site is done.

To further know what a niche site can achieve let me take a simple example: As we all know the Fifa World Cup is going on, now This is a topic that requires a lot of coverage and no amount of news can be enough for people to satiate their hunger for football.

Though they can watch sports channels or visit sports websites they need even more related stuff. As this is something of a water cooler discussion, people need to know more than others about the ongoing World Cup in order to flaunt their knowledge and look cool.

Now enter into this big complex equation some niche blogs and the ability to provide round-the-clock updated information on the latest happenings in the World Cup and this makes a lot of new potential business opportunities in terms of providing updated content.

What exactly drives such websites is the demand for exact content that tells us about that event and in most cases niche websites are useful for a day or for a limited period of time. People make niche websites for ideas ranging from event-specific to product-specific.

Here is a post by Harsh Agrawal from Shoutmeloud on how he made awesome bucks with his niche website on Cydia Tutorials. People everywhere are setting up such websites, it’s high time you too did so.

How to earn big dollars with a niche website in less than a week: Creating the website.

Firstly, you need to buy a new domain name which should be not too long but significant and keyword rich. Such a domain would give you a better ranking in search engines and is also good from an SEO perspective.

Also, keep in mind the TLD i.e. domain name extension that you are using. Country-specific domains are good only if you are targeting an event that is hosted in a particular country for example a .us domain would serve well if you had to focus on an event that was exclusive to the U.S.A. But mostly prefer a .com or .net domain.

Now, choose the platform of your choice. It can be either WordPress or Blogger Joomla or even a custom-coded website if you are that passionate. After you have finalized your platform you need to start with content planning and strategy.

Divide your work into a few parts, mainly content creation, backlink creation, and social media promotion. Apart from this, you need to get the SEO part right by building a solid on-page and off-page strategy.

So let’s take into account that you have a week before hitting the ground. When you hit the ground you gotta hit it running.

Divide the work of posts into days, i.e. post at least 25 posts and a maximum of 50 posts if the website has to be finished within 7 days. To achieve the rate of 25 you only have to write 5 posts per day and finish the writing work in initial 5 days.

To achieve 50 posts you can write 10 posts per day and finish the work in 5 days again. Now these 5 days must be interspersed with medium to low backlink creation which you can do by commenting on high-profile blogs and websites. Apart from that do social bookmarking across as many sites as you can. Personally, I found that social bookmarking works better for properly made niche sites as opposed to hard-core backlink creation.

Now for the SEO part, make sure that the on-page SEO which involves interlinking of pages, keyword-rich category names, and keyword density is properly set for all the pages. Other factors in on-page SEO can include having breadcrumbs and rich snippets properly set for all the pages.

This makes ranking even easier when you keep in mind the rising competition in the niche websites category. For the off-page seo focus only on social bookmarking and interspersed backlink creation.

This guide keeps in mind that you just booked the domain and are trying to rank within 7 days. So make sure the backlink strategy is at least up to 50 links per day for the initial 5 days. After the initial five days pass then only do 2-4 posts in the last two days and a little bit of backlink creation. Once all of this is done, focus on other on-page factors before you are ready to face a traffic deluge on your website.

They include getting proper alt tags and title tags for your images and links. You must also add a disclaimer page and privacy policy page to make the site more professional and you can add more such pages depending upon your requirement.

Index of backlinks also takes quite some time, so you have to keep that factor in mind and work towards making sure your backlinks are indexed and link juice is indeed being passed to your site.

The best way to manually assure this is by making links from sites that already have a very high crawl rate i.e. which are regularly crawled by Google. This way you won’t have to submit your backlinks to Google for indexing.

For the monetization strategy :

You can monetize your niche site either via Google Adsense ads via CPM ads or affiliate product placements. Depending upon the niche that you have targeted the monetization strategy should also vary. For example on a site dedicated solely to an electronic product you can place affiliate ads of the same product and expect to earn a lot of money. While on any image-based website, you can place AdSense ads and expect to earn some decent money.

Figures upwards of 1000$ in a day are possible with good content and proper strategy. But for a site built within such a limited period, you must not get your hopes too high. Despite all this, it will still be a decent investment as the upside is good.

Final few steps:

To ensure better ranking don’t forget to submit your sitemap and make a customized Robots.txt file. It’s a decent practice to not tell too many people about the niche site that you are working on, there’s a specific benefit of this practice as other people might also add to your competition.

The above guide doesn’t expect you to follow any black hat practices. Though you might rank good using black hat tools and strategies you risk losing your AdSense account or CPM money if the policies are too stringent. So avoid black hat methods as much as possible.

Success in such a tight time frame depends upon which niche you chose and how consistent was your work. It also depends upon the quality of the content. Scraped content can’t earn decent rankings in a week if only white hat practices are followed.

P.S.: The success of your niche site depends upon the amount of competition in your niche and the amount of effort you put in to rank your site. So don’t expect this guide to work like a wonder drug, nothing works like that in the modern world! 😛

So, did you like this post? Do comment in the comments section below. A lot can be earned if you work rightly, and for those who have more than one week to target a niche.


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How to Earn Big Dollars With a Niche Website in Less Time

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  1. Aditya,

    Nice throughts.But I don’t think you could rank these days with in a week with out black hat methods.Google does its own time and one may have to wait 3 to 6 months to see what exactly happens to your site.

    So one should not expect any thing great to happen in first 6 months and if you are bale to rank for few good money keywords then you could grow your site from there on.

  2. Hai Aditya,

    Great post sir. Earning big dollars with less amount of time is not an easier process. One should have creative thoughts about designs to do for their website.

    I agree that niche site is one of the best methods to earn big dollars with less time. Thanks for your tips. Keep sharing, all the best.

  3. This post is helpful for those people who want to start income with web Sites and for that in this post gives some important and helpful points in brief. Thank you for sharing your incredible ideas with us and it’s useful information.


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