LeEco Introduces new brand logo and Global ambitions

LeEco, formerly known as LeTV has premiered its new brand logo at a recent event during the Global Brand Upgrade press conference under the theme of New Eco World. The company launched its new brand logo along with seven sub ecosystems which showed their intentions to bring about a beautiful eco world for global users.

The Logo comprises of L and E, conveying the simplicity and quintessence of Le Eco world. The four strokes of LE depict four tiers of LeEco system- Platform, Content, Device and Application. The dot formed by overlapping of two strokes symbolizes pivot of the entire eco system; EUI and Le Fans. The combination of colors green and grey represent the integration of technology, internet and culture within LeEco system.

And the press conference was not just about launching the new logo. LeEco officially announced the name change from Letv.com to le.com, adoption of its new global domain. There was also launch of all-new Super TV X65 at RMB 4,999, bringing the price of 65-inch 4K smart TVs down to the RMB 4,999 range. Besides, global strategies for LeEco was discussed, mostly related to Le Vision Pictures and Le Cloud in 2016.

This latest update signals that LeEco is looking beyond the Chinese domestic market and wants to compete with fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Amazon Netflix etc. and is not scared to make global changes to be in the race. The word TV surprisingly was removed from the sub ecosystems, hinting that LeEco has now fully grown into a video website integrating Platform, Content, Device and Application. Speaking at the event, Ablikim Ablimit, Le Holdings’ Vice President of Strategy, “Letv is where we started, but LeEco is our future. We will create a more beautiful eco world with new value for our users. And our brand-new logo will bring users into this exciting world.”

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LeEco’s strategic goal of 2016 is not just to introduce its world class products to the world, but massive global expansion as well. Currently, they are testing waters in the USA and Indian markets. Meanwhile, it will also keep on expanding in South East Asia, including Hong Kong city.

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LeEco Introduces new brand logo and Global ambitions

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