Microsoft Windows 10 pop-up and context menu new rounded UI leaked!

Latest leaks of new Windows 10 interface are surfacing online now!

According to a reputed publication Windows Latest’s report and according to various reports and leaks, the Windows 10 new UI upgrade will bring back the rounded corners of the Windows 7 and Vista era. As part of the redesign, the top user interface will abandon sharp corners and change to rounded corners, which represents a change in the aesthetics of Windows 10.

This also seems to harken to the design language shift adopted by Apple with Mac OS Big Sur and Microsoft seems to be following suite.

windows 10 new rounded ui 1

Earlier, Microsoft used rounded corners and sharp corners in the top user interface of Windows, but rounded corners and aerodynamic effects were abandoned, and sharp corners and Fluent Design were used instead.

Now Microsoft is considering designing a new interface for pop-up menus (DatePicker, TimePicker, etc.) in Windows applications. The new visual update of the pop-up menu aims to provide an “X-ray”-like effect, the color will be changed when the scroll wheel is stationary.

windows 10 new ui

“This allows us to dynamically exchange colors even during scrolling, so as to obtain a very smooth-looking’X-ray’ effect.”

Microsoft pointed out in the proposal published on Github. As of January 21, the proposal appears to have been approved.

We found out that in another Github proposal, Microsoft emphasized the upcoming “round corner” changes in the Windows 10 menu in modern applications and settings. Microsoft intends to update the padding/margins of the menu and increase the spacing between items.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Microsoft will also add rounded corners to the menu items, and the menu will still support Fluent Design.

win 10 new ui

Obviously, Microsoft is betting heavily on “rounded corners” design to change the interface of the operating system and return to the design style of the previous Windows 7 and Vista era .

In addition to these application menus, Microsoft also plans to abandon sharp corners for Windows 10 application windows. For example, “Settings”, “Music”, “Photos” and other built-in applications may soon abandon the traditional sharp corners and change to rounded corners.

Windows 10’s new user interface improvements will begin to appear in the preview version in the next few months, but the upgraded version will not be released to the public until the second half of 2021.

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Microsoft Windows 10 pop-up and context menu new rounded UI leaked!

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