New ChromeOS M124 Update: Faster Split-Screen & Wi-Fi QoS

Discover ChromeOS M124’s latest features including enhanced split-screen multitasking, Wi-Fi QoS for video calls, and modern interface updates.

ChromeOS has released its latest version, M124, which includes several practical upgrades such as quicker settings for split screens and a new function for managing network traffic priority.

Furthermore, this update includes an updated settings interface and optimized gesture controls.

The new ‘Quicker Split Screen Settings’ feature in ChromeOS should be familiar to Windows users.

ChromeOS welcomes M124

After pinning an application window to one side of the screen, a preview of other applications pops up on the other side, allowing for easy selection and pinning.

Before this update, users had to navigate to another application and repeat the pinning process on the side, but the new feature simplifies this process. These settings can be found under ‘Settings’ > ‘System Preferences> ‘Windows and Desktops.’

Google has also added a Wi-Fi Quality of Service (QoS) feature to ChromeOS, similar to router QoS capabilities.

When a user’s Wi-Fi network is congested, the Chromebook will prioritize activities like video calls and online gaming.

Additionally, the update brings other features such as carrier lock, meaning wireless carriers can sell Chromebooks that can only use their service.

Lastly, the update introduces a redesigned ChromeOS settings application, adopting Google’s Material You design style, making its structure more akin to smartphone settings menus.

Also, new two-finger touchpad gestures are available for swiping away notifications, and ChromeOS now supports digital panning, tilting, and zooming on Chromebook webcams that do not support Super-Res Zoom.

As with most updates, Google will not push the ChromeOS version to all devices at once, but the company stated that the M124 version will gradually reach compatible Chromebooks in the ‘coming days.’

Users should keep an eye out for 'Update Available' notifications, or they can manually check for updates by going to 'Settings' > 'About ChromeOS' > 'Check for Updates.'

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New ChromeOS M124 Update: Faster Split-Screen & Wi-Fi QoS

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