Mass Bunk – The perennial Engineering problem

 Is there mass bunk in the class. Well I am not so sure.

The future of Engineers today: Are you on MASS BUNK?

Mass bunk is a bleak topic or a rather grim topic I should say! The future of Engineers today is a serious issue not for the policymakers, administrators, future leaders but rather the engineers themselves! As most of our reader community comprises of to be Engineers we all know the desperation we are facing in our colleges.

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We have to deal with teachers, who are just serious about course-completion, fellow students who have no other job other than bunking classes and heading for malls, girls/boys who don’t pay heed to our advances.

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Life is tough, isn’t it?
Although my views shall be sufficient for most of the masses but I think that we need a more extreme and in-depth analysis of this situation so we shall include an excerpt by Mr. Akshay Sethi another engineering student like us, and who is also tired of these day to day maniacal schedules we are all going through.

“Forced reluctance and a blinded, self created, thoughtlessly conformed to furthering of an agenda not just serves no good, it does bad to the very people doing so.” – Er. Akshay Sethi


mass bunk image
Got the message? 😛

Mass Bunk – probably, these are the most ubiquitous words pasted across most of the departmental doors around an institute. It is, in a way, celebrated as an exhibit of freedom of expression to put this graffiti up on a wall, blackboard, doors, seminar hall entrances, or benches. The science behind the functioning of this particular exercise is rather pretty straight-forward. Well, at least on the outside layer.
Let me waste a bit more of space explaining the scenario to the uninitiated: A class, in any of the many ‘Institute of Excellence’ or otherwise, when considered in the time frame when it is, either, just about to begin, or will begin tomorrow or somewhere later in the day after the lunch; would be put to a litmus test by some self appointed honchos in the class. The statement would go like, “Class karni hai kya?”   This seemingly innocuous, yet stupid and logically inconsistent statement is then challenged and contested by the second tiers of honchos into answering the aforementioned question.

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We must remind ourselves of the facial expressions of the people enacting as honchos running all along during this particular process. It is ‘bored’, ‘uninterested’ and rather ‘negative’ so as to say. A decision is reached after some people walk out or some after some mass message is transmitted across every  mobile device with a footnote “Pass da msg”. The latter variable, mind you, isn’t even democratic in nature. It just is stating a fact and a command. Period

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mass bunk classroom
That’s the scene for the Professor, Right?

The class passes UN-conducted. The ad-hoc/lecturer/Asst. Prof/Prof/Senior Prof comes to the class only to find the class empty with some unmentionable scribbling on the board. And then, leaves. He/she goes back to the staff room and says,

“What wrong did I do? I just went in to teach them a course they themselves signed up for. Neither did I get any message that they won’t be here, neither do I remember teaching anything bad to entail this kind of treatment upon me. Moreover, why aren’t they, like, here?”

These statements are invariably punctuated with footnotes such as

“No one cares these days, they just don’t want to be engineers, no, they all want to get a degree in fraud. I give up.”

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“What good do I derive from being here in the class for about 1 hr and listening to a teacher who can’t communicate properly?”
“I just don’t want to attend this…..want to go back and sleep and maybe try a hand at Dota”
“I know these Profs are good, but yaar….come on….leave it na”

mass bunk guy troll
These are the Person Y type students!

    “Get out ….please, no profound philosophies… bunk Karo…that’s it”

“We’ll have to give this Prof a fitting response to his constant nagging of us being irregular and UN-punctual….let’s bunk his 4 lectures straight…that would fix him in his place….-beep-”

A cursory glance at them suggests everything that can be a counter to the attributes of a healthy youth viz laziness, reluctance, wannabe ignoramus-tic attitude, and a propensity to closeness on the matter of accepting a new idea.

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This is in contradiction to anything we may or will want to vouch about.

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It is conformity of a different kind, the one that is detrimental to the very motive of running this place.

Further down; let me explain how and why.

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Before we dive into the technical aspect of this practice, let us assume and denote and connote some entities and their nature involved, with a presumed and rather stated disclaimer that the author doesn’t want/will to derogate any side of the coin.

mass bunk image
The THREATENING GUYS from the class! 😛

1] Let’s consider two people: PERSON-X, PERSON-Y.

 2] PERSON-X: This guy is an engineer by choice. He, when in 7th standard dreamed of being a mechanical engineer someday and went on to be one. When in 12th Std, he realized that the way to be so is either to clear a couple of entrance examinations or…well, what ‘or’?…there was no ‘or’. He was appalled by the kind of inefficient and unsustainable environment he saw around him and he wished to partake and develop a system that was the opposite of so. He wished to work on the kind of issue very pertinent to today’s existence. He knew very well that his ultimate goal was to be a part of the group that specializes the generation of power through energy systems involving solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tidal, hybrid technologies and wave power. He also knew that the current model of burning fossil fuels is impractical and he, only after being an ‘Engineer’ could help by being a part of this revolution he wished to cause. He knew very well that he could only do so if he was to equip himself with adequate present-day information, suitable knowledge and required skill-sets.

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He appeared for his AIEEE, got a thing called ‘decent rank’ and made it to an ‘Institute of National Importance’ (as HRD defines it). He was the last person to be included in the batch – The ‘Closing-Rank-Fellow’. He was amazed and revered his chance even more. Just one more thing…err…some 90 people too did the same. They got ‘decent ranks’ and joined the course with him. He was happy to know that ye many people ‘care’. Yes, he thought so, arse!

3] PERSON-Y: This guy is an engineer by accident. He, when in 10th std saw a documentary by BBC on IIT-ians effect onto the world. He was amazed by the kind of mileage these people in IIT get. His parents who watched the documentary with him…were literally jumping in their seats at prospects of one day being able to ‘say’ to some random dude something to the effect of –

“Hamara beta toh IIT mein padta tha…ab woh U.S. mein job karta hai….aur bahut kamata hai”.

The PERSON –Y, actually wanting to be a musician, journalist, designer or even a cardiologist maybe was told to drop each of this ‘uncertain’ and/or “tedious’ shit and ‘become’ engineer. For, that way, he would be offered a ‘JOB’ and earn 10 lakhs an annum as starting compensation. He was a bit averse to the idea initially, but heck- 10lakhs + Phoren land? Yabadabadooooo.

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He appeared for IIT-JEE – flunked, cribbed. Appeared for AIEEE, cleared…but loathed about the fact as to “Why Not ME”. He made it to the same institute of national importance where he met a smiling PERSON – X. And then began something which we all have seen. Again and again and again.
4] Unfortunately, PERSON-X got termed ‘the Minority.’ As, oh my goodness, there were so many PERSON-Y around.

PERSON-X over the four years got names like – Idealistic, Impractical, %$#$, *&^$#, Chu*(*&, Chaattu. He, of course, gave a rat’s fart to all of this. But yes, he got termed so. His mistake? – Wanting to be an Engineer, in an engineering Institute.

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Just as any of the many preexisting societal practices, even this aspect wants everyone to be a sheep. Although, we must remind ourselves that for sheep, to not conform, ends up in being hogged by a wolf in the woods. Here there IS no wolf in the woods. OK, enough of transcendental crap.
PERSON-Y, as we saw, without any fault of his/her’s is ‘Uninterested’, ‘Unmotivated’ and hell, part of the ‘Large in Numbers’. He doesn’t want to learn any of the subjects that PERSON-X dreamed of knowing about.
PERSON-Y, after seeing ‘American Pie’, ‘Not Another Teen Movie’, Ishq-Vishq…and other ‘Awesome’ piece of ‘coolness’ is totally equipped with the idea of ‘being in college,’ being able to wear colored clothes and being totally fine with terming a Prof – 30 yrs older and that much more experienced than him – a ‘Hag’. his person, somehow, is ‘rocking’, ‘cool’, ‘hip’ and the ‘in thing’.

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The set of wannabe ‘PERSON-Y’ s are in awe of this splendid person. The ever gullible population of formless sheep-packs, who are so selfless that they never think for themselves! They do what other wants them to do. They are what others want them to be. They say only what others want them to say. They hide what others don’t want them to say. They say ‘No’ only as a measure of their self-respect. They say ‘Yes’ while killing that very self-respect.
PERSON-X gauges something afoot. On a closer investigation, he finds out, that this has got nothing whatsoever to do with ‘education’ and everything else to do with a basic human need for attention + one-upmanship + uncertainty in the position of his/her ego in the larger scheme of things.
When a person wishes to NOT attend a class out ye many reasons, he has this “am-I-doing-this wrong” feeling bubble up in his/her subconscious. Thereon, he/she goes out and tries to stop all and everyone from attending that class. For, that way he/she can reconcile with themselves later with a “just because ALL didn’t attend the class even I didn’t ” While the truth is actually the other way round. Now assume this mill working up in 5 to 6 people simultaneously and independently. It more than often makes a joke and ‘nerdy-uncool-geek’ out of the one who wished to check in and learn two pennyworths of thing.

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Also, the uncertainty in the second-handers is such; that, if they don’t comply with ‘cool, hip bunkers’; they will face a societal ouster! But a crass truth be told, these pushovers are, in their own eyes, a societal outcast already. They need an approval from the clan of dumb to ascertain their position in the ‘Who’s cool and how much’ hierarchy.

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One thing which we all should, by now, understand is that if you don’t want to attend the class for there is a Quantum mechanics experiment waiting for you in the canteen or over the LAN of the institute, then please don’t. But, even as you do that, don’t force others to do the same. For, if you don’t attend the class, you get an ‘Absent’ (only if you by now you have not forced your ‘friends’ to show their ‘friendship’ by marking proxies. So that you could, that way, increase the per-ca-pita fraud of this place) mark. And if you do so, the one who did wish to attend the lecture, also get’s an ‘Absent’ mark. But the point is, HE FRIG-GIN  WANTED TO ATTEND the class…then why did you force him to stay out? He would care less than you about getting an A or P in that dingy register. He/she, instead, cared to get acquainted with what topic was going to be taken up in the class. So why get him/her an absent mark, when it doesn’t even concern you?

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An institute, generally, offers you 25% relaxations for you to ‘officially’ bunk that many lectures. If your elementary Math is good by now, as you attend all the evening MBA coaching classes so religiously, just count up the days and you’ll feel like a fool that you ever had to present a fake medical certificate. And that happened because someone just like you made you ‘mass bunk’ more. Take them down now. And then look in the mirror while counting up the number of times the word ‘fake’, ‘fraud’ et al were used for you in this write-up. Don’t give a damn still? Here’s a ‘fraud’ for you again.

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Understand that this is the ‘forced reluctance’ that we speak about. If you are not interested in as much as attending the class in the truest of meaning, then even if Dr Abdul Kalam flies down to teach you, you will gain zilch. No amount of infrastructure, no convocation hall, no swimming pool, no ultra jazzy hostels no ‘no-in-time’ no ‘no-barricades’ no nothing will help you be what you actually hogged up this seat – off a competition among 10 Lakh people vying for 5500 spots – in this institute for.
Understand now, that Engineering is not an ‘Occupation’ but a ‘Profession’. The Human Race expects something of you once you stride out of the annals of this Institution. And if you are planning on being that person who, maintaining his credo for ‘cribbing’, is going wail on the state of his/her ‘salary’ in your later years. Then, at the onset, make yourself worthy of what think you would deserve.

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Understand now, that a Teacher is not a born ‘Teacher’. He/she requires student interaction for him/her to grow up the knowledge-ladder and inter-personal skills. If you continue back-slapping each one of them because you know, being a jerk is ‘cool’, then introspect as to where this will lead us as a people, as a nation.
Understand now, that if you don’t want to do what is just the only thing expected of you then you automatically lose all your rights to crib and curse ‘The System’. It’s like losing the right to cry about in-sanitation when you throw your ‘Kurkure’ wrapper on the road because you were too lazy to walk up to the dustbin.
Understand that even if the teacher teaching you is not a noble laureate, he/she at least would put down the topic for the day on the board. If you are truly interested, go look that topic up using the internet connection you use for social-networking and downloading ‘stuff’ in your hostel rooms for once. “Don’t do it”…shall I say, if that makes you do it.

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Understand that none of this page wasting exercise what I just undertook will help you if you don’t wish to stop being someone and start being who you already are. Period.
This piece ends with a wish, that somewhere, someplace a Sid wakes up.”

Very thought provoking views by Mr Sethi and his DTU gang, and we all can see through clearly now the lid of complacency that we need to throw off so that we can all focus on improving our lives rather than being just lost and of being no value to the society.

“We ought to set an example for our future generations and we also need to be more useful to the planet as a whole and yes all of this will start from that one single class you would attend regularly from today!” – Er. Aditya Nath Jha

A favourite quote of mine taken from the movie ‘Sucker Punch’. =>

“You have all the weapons you need, now go, FIGHT!”

Stay tuned for more!

What’s your take, let us know in the comments section below.

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Mass Bunk – The perennial Engineering problem

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    It will be more worthy if you had provided tips/remedies for students who really want to attend the class. It often happens that a student goes to the class and being in minority(non mass-bunk side) he had to return to his place disappointed.


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