Top 30 Best Colours for Websites: Colour Schemes and CSS Hex Codes

Collection of Beautiful Website Great Color Schemes Will Improve Visuals For Your Website

Visuals are one of the most important factors of any website. So when building a website, you need to think about your audience or customers. You cannot ignore any elements of user engagement as most people will simply leave a website that is unpleasant to look at.

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The Importance of Website Colour Scheme

Visuals attract more attention than words. Often people think that colours are there for aesthetic reasons. It is not as simple as people think, the website’s ambience affects the user’s mood. Here are the reasons showing the importance of a Website’s Colour Scheme:

  1. Brand Identity :

    Your website’s colour scheme should suit the kind of service or product your business provides. People associate a brand with a colour like Fanta with orange or Coca-Cola with Red. 
  2. Emotional trigger:

    Certain colours trigger certain emotions this is why you should study colour psychology, and use the colours that match your business. This way you can trigger the kind of emotions you want in people. Colour psychology
  3. Retention:

    As we know colours greatly impact emotions, people will leave a site that looks awful. A good combination of colours is required for improving the retention of users.
  4. Conversions:

    You can boost conversion rates by tweaking colours. If you know your customer well you can use colours that suit a specific target base such as different age groups or gender. Small things like changing the button colour from green to red are known to increase conversion rates.

So guys these were the reasons why people should mess around with their website’s colours. But if you are somebody who’s just starting out then you need to know at least some basic colour schemes that would work out of the box.

In this post, we have a compilation of the 30 best colour schemes for websites that you can use straight away. So we have included a visual guide with each colour pairing and we also have given a hex code for those colours.

Best 30 Colour Schemes For Website:

  1. Eerie Black, Goldenrod, Alabaster and Cosmic Cobalt:

    Color Scheme 1
  2. Charcoal, Persian Green and Maize Crayola:

    Color Scheme 2
  3. Safety Orange Blaze Orange, Platinum, Silver and Queen Blue:

    Color Scheme 3
  4. Oxford Blue, Royal Blue Dark, Indigo Dye and CG Blue:

    Color Scheme 4
  5. Midnight Green Eagle Green, Medium Turquoise and Mint Cream:

    Color Scheme 5
  6. French Violet, Slate Blue and United Nations Blue:

    Color Scheme 6


  7. Mauve, Maximum Blue Purple and lavender Blue:

    colour scheme 7
  8. Flickr Pink, Byzantine and Purple:

    Color Scheme 8
  9. Eggshell, Plae Spring Bud, Olivine And Cafe Au Lait:

    Color Scheme 9
  10. Manatee, cultured and imperial Red:

    Color Scheme
  11. Oxford Blue, Orange Web And platinum:

    Color Scheme
  12. Prussian Blue, Maximum Red and Orange:

    Color Scheme
  13. Pink Lavender, Lavender Blush and Light Periwinkle:

    Color Scheme
  14. Oxford Blue, Prussian Blue and Mikado Yellow:

    Color Scheme
  15. Beige, Tumbleweeb and Old rose:

    Color Scheme
  16. Celeste, Mint Cream and Piggy Pink:

    Color Scheme
  17. Sky Blue Crayola, Celeste and Mint Cream:

    Color Scheme
  18. Thistle, Columbia Blue and Uranian Blue:

    Color Scheme
  19. Medium Turquoise, Queen blue and Charcoal:

    Color Scheme
  20. Charcoal, Honey Yellow and Orange Red:

    Color Scheme
  21. Indigo Dye, Columbia Blue and Carolina Blue:

    Color Scheme
  22. Beige and USAFA Blue:

    Color Scheme
    #EFEFD0 #004E89
  23. Xiketic, Dark Purple and Twilight Lavender:

    Color Scheme
  24. Twilight Lavender, Popstar and Unbleached Silk

    Color Scheme
  25. Metallic Seaweed, Midnight Green Eagle Green, Permanent Geranium Lake and Maximum Yellow Red:

    Color Scheme
  26. Amber, Orange Pantone and Winter Sky

    Color Scheme
  27. Pink Lavender, Mauve and Baby Blue Eyes

    Color Scheme
  28. Alice Blue, Unbleached Silk and Dark Salmon

    Color Scheme
  29. Maximum Blue Green, Light yellow and Peach Puff

    Color Scheme
  30. Pickr pink, Purple and Trypan Blue

    Color Scheme
  31. Mauve, Maximum Blue Purple and Lavender Blue:
    colour scheme 7


Now that you know a basic idea of the best colour schemes that would work with almost every setup you can go forth and start working on the same. We wish you the best in all your website-building endeavours.

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Top 30 Best Colours for Websites: Colour Schemes and CSS Hex Codes

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