All About Home Inverters: Maintenance and Price!

A buyer’s guide to Home inverters!

What is the first thing that would come to your mind when looking for a home inverter? Usually, home inverter price and the maintenance a home inverter would require are the most important things that people are concerned about. Keeping that in mind, in this post we have listed a few important tips for maintaining a home inverter. Also, we have mentioned the factors that affect home inverter prices along with a few best-sellers from Luminous India that are worth considering if you are looking to buy a home inverter. Let us read further, to find it all.

Home Inverter Maintenance Tips

1. The first and foremost thing is to perform a periodic checkup. Once in 3 months is a good idea. Also, as tubular batteries require less maintenance as compared to flat plate batteries, you can perform the check-in once every 6 months in case you have a tubular battery.

2. The next thing you need to do is discharge and recharge your inverter battery on a regular basis, especially if you live in an area where power cuts are rare. This will help you increase the longevity of your inverter battery.

3. Check the battery terminals and other parts of the inverter battery combo for rust or corrosion. Use hot water, baking soda and an old toothbrush to clean the same.

4. You need to check the water level of your battery on a frequent basis. If the water level is low, top it up with distilled water. Just make sure that you do not use tap water or mineral water as it can damage the inverter battery.

5. If your inverter and battery are not ventilated properly it can cause heating which in turn can even lead to a fire. So, it is important for you to check your inverter and battery on a regular basis to ensure that it is not covered or surrounded by unnecessary objects that may be preventing proper ventilation.

6. Keep your inverter battery combo far from inflammable objects or else it may lead to a fire. Also, make sure the inverter battery combo is placed far from the reach of children.

Home Inverter Price Range

Home inverter prices vary from a few thousand to a few lakhs. It completely depends on your load requirement and the inverter that’s best suited for it. For example, if you are looking for an inverter just to run appliances like fans, tube lights, LED bulbs you can opt for an inverter with a lower VA rating and low battery capacity. However, if you want to run heavy load equipment such as an air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, water pump and more, you would have to buy a high capacity inverter with a high battery capacity.

Besides your inverter’s VA Rating, the inverter prices vary with the type of inverter you buy. Inverters can be categorized into two categories based on their technology. Sine Wave inverters and Square Wave inverters. The cost of sine wave inverters is more than square wave inverters as they are more efficient in terms of converting direct current to alternating current. Also, sine wave inverters offer higher appliance safety and are therefore a preferred option for running high load and sensitive equipment.

Popular Inverters

Here are some of the most popular inverters that Luminous India offers along with their VA Ratings, technology and their pricing:

Model – Home UPS 600VA Eco Watt+ 650
Type – Square Wave
Capacity – 600 VA
Price – approx INR 3652

Model – Home UPS 900VA Zelio+ 1100
Type – Square Wave
Capacity – 900 VA
Price – approx INR 6840

Model – Home UPS 10 KVA Cruze
Type – Square Wave
Capacity – 10 KVA
Price – approx INR 82000

Note – The company reserves the right to change the prices without prior notice.

If you wish to buy a home inverter that’s low on maintenance and yet not very expensive then you must go for an inverter from a reputable brand like Luminous India. They have a wide collection of inverter battery combos depending on the load requirement and other factors such as personalized style, features, budget and more. So you will easily find one depending on your requirement.

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All About Home Inverters: Maintenance and Price!

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