Amazon Introduces Voice Powered By Alexa To Enhance Shopping!

Shopping to become much easier for Indians now!

Amazon introduces voice powered by Alexa to enhance the shopping experience for Indian customers. Now, Amazon customers can simply ‘Speak to Shop’.

  • Voice-enabled shopping is a new way for customers to engage with Amazon
  • The launch enables customers preferring voice to enjoy the ease and convenience of Amazon’s shopping experience.
  • Customers can now use voice commands to –

o   Search

o   Add to Cart

o   Check order status

o   Proceed to Checkout

At launch, the voice offering is available on the Amazon shopping app on Android devices only. Customers have to update to the latest version of the app available on the Google Play Store.


  • Voice is the most natural way to interact and engage with customers. In a touch only world, customers are often forced to learn interaction patterns of the apps they interact with. However, Alexa will enable a natural way to interact and converse with customers.
  • Voice-based experiences, if done right, have the potential to flip the paradigm and change the way customers engage using touch, type and voice functionalities with their smart device
  • Voice interface saves customers time and cognitive load in typing and thinking of accurate spellings
  • With Voice interactions, customers can simply ask for products that they want using their voice or check their order statuses
  • At launch, customers can search for millions of products across hundreds of categories, add items to cart, & track their orders on Amazon India very conveniently using their voice.

Some commands for reference:

Search +Shopping:

  • Alexa, Show me running shoes
  • Alexa, Search for Aashirwaad atta
  • Alexa, I want green tea
  • Alexa, Show me sarees
  • Alexa, Search for chocolates
  • Alexa, Search toys for 2 year old
  • Alexa, ‘Add Nescafe Classic 200g to my cart’
  • Alexa, go to my account
  • Alexa, open my orders
  • Alexa, Show me Redmi Phones
  • Alexa, Add Rava Idli Mix to my cart
  • Alexa, Go to Checkout
  • Alexa, Where is my order
  • Alexa, Where is my delivery


  • Alexa, What is the cricket score?
  • Alexa, Give me an update on Coronavirus
  • Alexa, When does IPL start?
  • Alexa, Who is the president of India?
  • Alexa, When is Rajinikanth’s birthday?
  • Alexa, How is the weather in (city)?
  • Alexa, Tell me a joke

Prime Music

In addition, as a prime only benefit, Prime members can listen to their favourite music, ad-free, directly on the Amazon shopping app via Prime Music. They can do this while shopping using natural language voice commands like

  • Play top songs in (by the city – eg: in Delhi, in Chennai, in Bangalore, in Chandigarh, in Kolkata, etc.
  • Play songs by (artists – by A.R. Rahman, by Arijit Singh, etc.)
  • Play latest (language – Tamil, Hindi, English, etc. ) songs
  • Simply tap the mic icon and just ask Alexa

While Amazon has launched the Voice experience primarily in English, Alexa can understand proper nouns and regional words across various languages. Alexa’s vocabulary is available in the context of shopping on the Amazon app. Alexa is an AI that’s getting smarter every day because of her being in the cloud. This experience will keep flowing to the Amazon app over time. As more customers continue to use voice, Alexa will continue to get smarter day after day. The important thing that Amazon has learned with voice interfaces is that our customers will continue to guide the overall experience. Depending on how customers are using their voice to shop, Alexa will use dynamic learning to get better. Alexa’s deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms will improve the overall shopping experience.

“It is still Day 1 for us. We’re just getting started. And we’re very excited by how voice can delight customers shopping on Amazon.”

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Amazon Introduces Voice Powered By Alexa To Enhance Shopping!

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