AMD’s RDNA3 architecture leaked, new GPUs coming soon!

Dual-core MCM architecture, performance is expected to double!

We have now entered 2021, AMD’s next-generation graphics cards have started showing up left and right. This time replacing last year’s RDNA2 there will be RDNA3 architecture, code-named Navi 3X, including large-core flagship Navi 31. It is possible it will use MCM multi-chip architecture, 2 times the size of previous generation.

Although the cDNA architecture on the graphics card has achieved 120 groups of CU units, the RDNA2 architecture for games now has a maximum of 80 groups of CU units. The RDNA3 architecture will continue to add CU units, but the implementation method is different now.

According to Twitter users, the next-generation flagship GPU Navi 31 may adopt MCM multi-chip packaging design. It consists of 2 sets of chips, each with 80 sets of CU units, so that together it is 160 sets of CU units, which will be double the size and theoretically the performance too will double.

amd rdna3 advanced node

In addition to the doubling of the computing scale, RDNA3 will also strengthen the ray tracing performance. Although the RX 6000 series graphics cards launched last year also supports hardware based ray traching, the performance is not as good as the RTX 30 series. AMD has to continue to improve in order to beat Nvidia at this.

Earlier we got news that AMD has developed a new technology based on MCM and a new command processor to coordinate the ray tracing efforts of the next-generation GPU. It may be developed for RDNA3.

As for the release time of the RDNA3 graphics card, it should correspond to the Zen4 architecture in the CPU, using the 5nm process, and it’s supposedly coming out in 2022, similar to last year’s RX 6000 graphics card.

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AMD’s RDNA3 architecture leaked, new GPUs coming soon!

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