AMD Zen5 / Zen6 CPU Architecture Leaked, to Be Released in 2024/2025

Reports have emerged revealing details about AMD’s latest CPU architectures, Zen5 and Zen6, courtesy of Moore’s Law is Dead. According to these reports, Zen5 is set to be released in the first half of 2024 under the codename Nirvana, utilizing a 4nm/3nm process.

This new architecture boasts an impressive 10-15% increase in IPC, along with a 16-core design for the CCX efficiency core. Consumers can expect to see the Ryzen 8000 series processors powered by Zen5.

Furthermore, the Zen6 architecture – known as Morpheus – is rumored to be released in the latter half of 2025, leveraging cutting-edge 3nm and 2nm processes. Boasting a 10% IPC improvement, this architecture features a whopping 32-core CCX core design, presumably paired with the Zen6c efficiency core.

Notably, the Zen6 architecture is said to incorporate novel packaging tech that stacks the CCD onto the IOD.

Previous sources suggest that AMD plans to unveil a new family of mobile processors named Strix Point early next year. These chips will reportedly leverage the Zen5 architecture and 4nm process, carrying a 45W TDP and utilizing the FP8 package.

With eight cores and sixteen threads, the P core promises to deliver four cores and eight threads.

Additionally, the E core will flaunt eight cores and sixteen threads, accompanied by a formidable 1024-core display stream processor (16CU), surpassing its predecessor, the R7 7840HS, by four CUs (four computing units).

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AMD Zen5 / Zen6 CPU Architecture Leaked, to Be Released in 2024/2025

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