Android Phones WorldWide Shipping With Factory Installed Malware!

This does not bode well for consumers buying Android Smartphones!

Millions of Android phones worldwide are impacted by malware that is pre-installed from the factory itself. On May 13th, during the recent Black Hat Asia 2023 (Asian Black Hat Conference) held in Singapore, Trend Micro (Trend Micro) released a report stating that hackers have successfully infected millions of Android phones before they even reach consumers.

The hackers have targeted various devices running Android, including smartwatches, televisions, and particularly low-end to mid-range Android phones. These devices often undergo multiple stages of production involving outsourcing, providing hackers with opportunities to inject malware into the firmware.

blackhat asia 2023 report

According to the researchers at Trend Micro, this threat has become a significant concern for both regular consumers and businesses alike. They emphasize the need for the development of effective countermeasures to address this issue.

In their investigation, the research team analyzed numerous firmware images used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and discovered the presence of at least 80 malicious plugins.

Disturbingly, this malicious model has gained significant traction in the cybercriminal community, with hackers openly selling it on platforms such as Facebook, blogs, YouTube, and other channels, creating a fully established business model.

For further information, we have provided a link to the original report here, allowing interested users to delve deeper into the topic.

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Android Phones WorldWide Shipping With Factory Installed Malware!

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