Android Q to natively support AV1 video codec!

Faster web based video is coming soon!

Video compression technology has advanced a lot in recent years. Gone are the days when you need really huge file sizes in order to get decent quality video. With the advent of H.265 and WebM video codecs, the file sizes have gone down while maintaining the same levels of visual quality. But the problem with a format like H.265 is that it’s not open source. So there’s a lot of money involved in licensing and other stuff. And now there’s another format on the horizon. It’s called the AV1. And recent news suggests that Android Q AV1 video codec support would be baked in facilitating video consumption.

What is AV1 video codec?

Google is the lead member of the “Open Media Alliance”, the organization is committed to the creation of VP8 / VP9 (both for WebM video) video codec successor – AV1. The AV1 format is designed to compress more than VP9 while still maintaining good video quality. Google announced today that Android Q will include native support for AV1, paving the way for broader use.

Reducing the network overhead for cellular users who want to enjoy video content is something that’s the mission of AV1. AV1 encoding can compress video before it is stored or transmitted over the network. Thereby reducing the size of the video file. In terms of specific data, compared to H.265 and Google VP9, ??AV1 can reduce the size of video files by 25% to 35%. In other words, using AV1 video means less cellular data will be used.

android q av1 codec support native

It is worth mentioning that the AV1 video codec is currently supported in the Google Chrome browser.

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In addition, Android Q will also add support for the Opus audio codec, which was first released in 2012 and is another open standard that is often used for WebRTC-based phone calls and is an alternative to MP3. 

So maybe in later versions of Android Q, we might even see an option to shoot video in the AV1 format!

So guys what do you think? Is AV1 format the future of video viewing on the web? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Android Q to natively support AV1 video codec!

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