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Industry chain leaks: Apple is building 5G notebooks and mobile phones!

Expect these designs to be out by 2020!


5G notebooks are already in works from the likes of Lenovo and few other laptop manufacturers. For Apple, in addition to the rumour of mobile phones supporting 5G networks, the field of notebooks is also something they are focusing on. It’s confirmed that this year’s phones would be 4G LTE based and 5G won’t be seen on this year’s models!

According to the latest news in the industry chain, Apple is developing a notebook product that supports 5G networks. This notebook will be launched in the second half of next year. It is said that Apple has completed the integrated 5G MacBook design. Although it’s later than other vendors, its 5G transceiver is more efficient than the competition, and the transmission rate is higher.

It is rumoured that Apple will use ceramic antenna boards in laptops to achieve better 5G performance. The price of ceramic antenna boards is six times that of ordinary metal antenna boards, but the transmission and reception efficiency is twice that of ordinary metal antenna boards.

16 inch MacBook Pro expected to be released

According to reports, another reason for the high price of the 5G-enabled MacBook is the case, Apple’s iconic metal case will shield 5G signals, which means that laptops will need 13 to 15 antennas, while 5G smartphones usually use 11 Antennas, in contrast, making 5G notebooks is much more complicated.

For Apple, the pace of developing their 5G notebooks is still lower than major competitors. For example, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard and Dell will launch the first batch of 5G notebooks in the second half of 2019, so from this point of view, they are still slower.

Earlier this year reputed Chinese analyst Guo said that after the acquisition of Intel’s baseband business, Apple has accelerated the development of their 5G iPhone. Right now it is expected that three 5G iPhones will be out next year, and this year’s new phones will still support 4G network. So the major issue would be that the iPhones launched this year would be outdated within a year. And that’s something which isn’t a piece of great news for iPhone lovers.

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