Price Hike Alert: Apple App Store Apps Set to Increase in Select Countries from July 25th

Not again!

On July 11th, Apple made an announcement that the prices of App Store applications in Egypt, Nigeria, and some other countries and regions will increase from July 25th due to alterations in taxes and foreign exchange rates.

This will be the second instance that the App Store application prices will be raised this year, with the previous increase having occurred on February 16. For some applications in Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Turkey, tax modifications and other factors will lead to price hikes in Apple’s App Store.

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Developers are frequently notified by Apple of any regional tax alterations that could impact their application pricing. Applications and in-app acquisitions (excluding auto-renewing subscriptions) in the stores of Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Turkey will be updated on July 25th as per an email sent by Apple to the developers.

If the developer’s base store is located in these countries or if they manually manage price alterations, no action is required from their end.

The updated prices will take into account various tax changes, as mentioned below:

  • Egypt: introduction of 14% Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Tanzania: introduction of 18% VAT and 2% Digital Services Tax
  • Turkey: VAT rate escalated from 18% to 20%

Apple has stated that if the base store for a developer’s application or in-app acquisition is not located in the aforementioned countries, the price for corresponding stores will still escalate. Auto-renewing subscriptions are not included in these price alterations.

Developers can monitor the Pricing and Availability section of My Apps in App Store Connect to stay updated on upcoming price alterations. Consumers residing outside the affected countries will not observe any changes in the prices of App Store applications.  

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Price Hike Alert: Apple App Store Apps Set to Increase in Select Countries from July 25th

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