Apple and Google Search Agreement Could End Amidst Legal Tussle

In 2022, Google paid Apple $20 billion to stay as Safari’s default search engine, a move scrutinized by the U.S. Department of Justice amid monopoly concerns.

In 2022, Google paid Apple $20 billion to maintain its position as the default search engine in Safari on iPhones, iPads, and Macs, as disclosed by the U.S. Department of Justice. This payment was part of ongoing efforts to secure its dominance in the search engine market.

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Historically, Google has been the default on Apple devices since 2002 despite renegotiations.

The Department of Justice has accused Google of maintaining a monopoly in the search engine market, with substantial payments to Apple as part of its strategy.

Documents from a lawsuit in November last year revealed that this amount represented 36% of Safari’s total revenue, pointing out that the financial stakes were significant.

Moreover, the collaboration between Apple and Google has hindered competition from other search engines like Microsoft’s Bing. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella noted last October that Apple had considered acquiring Bing, but the proposal was declined due to concerns over Bing’s quality and capabilities.

The ongoing legal challenges could potentially end this agreement if Google loses in court. Final arguments in this antitrust case are scheduled soon, with a decision expected later in 2024.

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Apple and Google Search Agreement Could End Amidst Legal Tussle

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