Apple’s Let Fly Event Showcases iPhone Filming and Editing Capabilities

Explore Apple’s latest ‘Let Fly’ event, highlighting the iPhone’s filming prowess and editing on Mac and iPad with new M2 and M4 chips

Apple’s recent “Take Flight” event showcased their latest technology, notably the new M2 chip iPad Air and M4 chip iPad Pro.

Interestingly, the entire event was filmed using an iPhone, likely the iPhone 15 Pro, and edited using both a Mac and an iPad.

Mac and iPad

This marks a trend as Apple has previously used iPhones to shoot events, demonstrating features like ProRes Log and 5x optical zoom.

The editing process involved Final Cut Pro, which now has an iPadOS version, Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad.

This version introduces a redesigned interface and features such as multi-camera editing and using the iPhone as a live camera feed.

Despite the advancements, the complexity of editing such a detailed event still required a combination of Mac and iPad.

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Apple’s Let Fly Event Showcases iPhone Filming and Editing Capabilities

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