Apple brings mouse support to the iPad!

Finally a more productive iPad experience!

Before the start of WWDC19, there were rumours that Apple would bring mouse support for the iPad (as an auxiliary function). With the pre-release of iOS 13 and iPadOS, this matter has been confirmed by Apple. Now, more details about this feature have been disclosed by the media, let’s delve in detail how Apple has explained this.

apple brings mouse support to ipad

Apple responded to the question from the tech media Steven Aquino about the iOS/iPadOS support for mouse functionality, which is an accessibility feature that can be enabled in the Accessibility section of the Settings app. This feature can support USB and Bluetooth devices. But Apple has not yet given a list of specifically compatible devices.

Apple also emphasizes that this feature is specifically designed for a small number of special users, and its style is not a traditional mouse pointer shape, but a circular cursor. In other words, Apple does not want ordinary users to overreact to this feature or rely really heavily on it.

Apple said that iOS (iPadOS) mouse support has been developed many years ago, the company believes that some users have this need, they should not be excluded.

I believe that with the further improvement of iOS 13. Apple will come with more details about mouse support in the future, such as a list of compatible devices etc.

So guys what do you think? Is Apple finally on the right track with iPad development? Do let us know your views in the comments section below!

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Apple brings mouse support to the iPad!

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