Apple Music to come up with lossless Hi-Fi Tier option soon!

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The browse tabs in the music applications of Apple’s various platforms have begun to display a new notice, suggesting that Apple Music is about to release something major real soon. Under the heading “Coming Soon”, Apple said, “Get Ready – music is about to change forever.”

There are rumours that Apple is preparing to launch a new “high-fidelity” level of Apple Music, which will provide lossless audio, and perhaps also compatible with spatial audio experience, which may be announced as soon as this Tuesday (May 18, 2021).

apple music new hifi option

In the trailer for this, the animated logo of Apple Music has a rotating effect, switching back and forth between white characters on a black background and black characters on a white background, which may imply the surround sound characteristics of spatial audio.

It is worth mentioning that reputed leaks website MacRumors found the words “Apple Lossless”, “Free Lossless”, “Hi-Res Lossless” and “Dolby Atmos” in the source code of the trailer. These words indicate that Apple is likely to plan to announce that it will provide higher quality online music, and it is possible to enjoy these songs in some form using Dolby Atmos through AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

The code also indicates that only certain songs may be able to achieve Dolby Atmos lossless streaming because Apple has repeatedly mentioned a badge that says “has lossless” and “has a panoramic sound”, which may appear in Apple Music? pages of compatible songs.

We know that rumours about the lossless or HiFi version of Apple Music ? first appeared in early May. The rumours claim that the cost of the new Hi-Fi Tier will be the same as the current personal Apple Music subscription price of $9.99. Let’s hope that’s true because if that’s true then Apple music will have one card up its sleeve against Spotify.

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Apple Music to come up with lossless Hi-Fi Tier option soon!

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