Apple Rejects UTM Emulator on iOS App Store

Apple rejects UTM emulator on iOS App Store, citing PC not being a game console. Users can still sideload or use Xcode.

Apple has recently amended its App Store guidelines for the iOS platform, allowing developers to distribute game emulator applications.

However, this policy does not apply to “PC emulators.” Today, the official UTM emulator X platform account revealed that Apple has rejected their iOS application, stating that a PC does not fall under the category of game console emulators.

utm app store updates

Additionally, Apple has reportedly blocked this app from being listed on third-party app stores in the EU.

The UTM emulator also mentioned that due to Apple’s restriction on the use of JIT compilers, the performance of this PC emulator would be severely hindered even if it were approved.

Given Apple’s stance, the developers feel it is not worth the effort to pursue approval further.

Despite this, users can still manually compile and install the application using Xcode or deploy it via sideloading. MacOS users can download the desktop version from the App Store.

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Apple Rejects UTM Emulator on iOS App Store

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