Apple Updates iTunes for Windows: 2024 iPad Pro & Air Compatibility

Download the latest Apple iTunes 12.13.2 for Windows, now supporting the new 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air models. Get the update today!

Apple has released the iTunes 12.13.2 update for Windows, designed to support the new 2024 models of the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

This update comes after a security fix was released last December.

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Although iTunes has been discontinued on Mac in favor of Finder and the TV app, Apple continues to support the Windows version. Users can download the latest version of iTunes for Windows from the Microsoft Store or Apple’s website.

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This ensures that Windows users can continue to manage their devices and media conveniently.

You can download the latest version of iTunes for Windows, which is iTunes 12.13.2, from the Microsoft Store or directly from the Apple website. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. From the Microsoft Store: You can visit the Microsoft Store on your Windows device and search for iTunes to download it directly. This method ensures that you get the version compatible with your system and automates updates.
  2. From Apple’s Website: Visit the Apple Support page for iTunes here to get the direct download link. Apple provides detailed instructions on how to install the software on your Windows PC, including system requirements and troubleshooting steps.

Make sure your PC meets the system requirements to run iTunes efficiently. You will need a PC with at least a 1GHz Intel or AMD processor, 512MB of RAM, and Windows 10 or later.

For a better experience, especially if you intend to play high-definition video, you might need a faster processor and more RAM.

Once downloaded, the installation is straightforward: open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install iTunes on your Windows PC.

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If you encounter issues during installation, verify that your PC meets the necessary specifications and ensure you have sufficient permissions on your device to install software.

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Apple Updates iTunes for Windows: 2024 iPad Pro & Air Compatibility

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