Top reasons why Aviate launcher is different and here to last

Launchers are home screen customization tools for Android operating system for mobiles. There are several launchers available in the play store today. We have the best launchers for customization available like Go Launcher. These have plenty of themes available for giving a custom look to your phone. Launchers like Launcher8 which bring the user interface of Windows on Android. Or like Espier Launcher which is currently the best launcher to have an iOS inspired look for your Android. But being a web designer myself I was a bit confused as to why one of the trending design layouts i.e. Flat  UI hadn’t made a major appearance on mobile devices. I was eagerly waiting for a flat UI based launcher which would actually be good as well as functional enough for daily use. Now it seems that the hunt is drawing to a close. The Aviate launcher is different and here to last. Because it’s beautiful, free and intuitive.

The Buzz around Aviate Launcher on social media in the last few days :

aviate launcher is cool
We have Mr. Geek Blog Tips here drooling over the Aviate Launcher.

Many of my blogger friends were posting a lot about this launcher in the past few days. These are some brief moments of appreciation for this launcher.

As we can see many people are desperate to get the invites to use this launcher. As currently it’s only a invite based application. It hasn’t been released to the public yet. There can be some anomalies during usage. But at beta stage these are forgivable.

Another interesting thing to note is that the number of permissions this app asks for at the time of install is just beyond grasp. But considering that it replaces almost all of the home functionality it is understandable. I hope they don’t leverage our data like Google does.

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Whether the Aviate Launcher would fade away like everything else. Or it would replace most of the Android phones’ UI is a question that only time can answer.

Most of the launchers are tried for a day or so. And then the user removes them because of many factors like decreased battery life, or inability to effectively multi task. But as I have personally tried and tested this launcher, I can assure that it’s not heavy on the phone’s system.

likan aviate launcher
Aviate Launcher being praised by’s owner Likan Patra.

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Top reasons why Aviate launcher is different and here to last

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  1. Wow..great. I was looking for a cool awesome Android Launcher like this. Thanks for sharing it.

    Hope I will get a invite soon.

  2. Hi, I was looking for a launcher and then I was at your blog !! The launcher sounds awesome, don’t know if it is still possible to get a invitation to get to try on the launcher ?
    Good work keep it up.


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