ASUS ARTONE Gold plated laptop launched, out now!

13.3 inches display with 95% screen to body ratio, expected at 14999 yuan!

ASUS has been on a launching spree for a long time. They come out with laptop variants faster than we can come out with videos. This is what makes things a little bit more exciting for them in a market which only comes out with minor incremental updates. ASUS comes up with so many laptops with different specifications and builds etc. for different price ranges that they are able to capture a huge segment of the laptop market. Today ASUS launched another new model called as ASUS ARTONE.

asus artone laptop launched in china

ASUS ARTONE Laptop build and design

Today, ASUS ARTONE with 18k gold plating process went on a pre-sale in China. It has dual-screen technology, 13.3 inches screen size and 95% screen to body ratio. The laptop will be priced at 14,999 yuan which is roughly around 1.5 lakh INR or $2180.

It’s understood that the ARTONE 18k gold plating process is light and meant for aesthetic purposes only. It uses Italian top layer cowhide and uses custom leather making process. The device also employs 18K rose gold nano plating process. In terms of dimensions, it is about 30.2×18.9×1.85 cm and weighs about 1.2 kg. So considering everything it’s a pretty lightweight laptop!

asus artone laptop launched online

ASUS ARTONE laptop specifications

In terms of configuration, the ARTONE 18k gold-plated process is light yet powerful. It is equipped with the 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor (i7-8565U), 16 GB of LPDDR3 memory (onboard memory is not upgradeable) and has a 1 TB solid state drive on the inside. The dedicated GPU is NVIDIA MX250 (2GB VRAM) model.

On the screen side, it has 13.3″ and 95% of s/b ratio. The viewing angle is 178 degrees. With ScreenPad 2.0 dual-screen technology, you can cast your phone to the touchpad screen and support for infrared recognition for face unlocking. The bottom of the body is designed with ASUS’s proprietary ErgoLift mechanism. So this means that when it’s used, the body is raised about 3 degrees. In addition, users would get a three-year warranty for the whole device. There are two years of international warranty and a one-year warranty for service.

asus artone laptop first look

ASUS ARTONE laptop availability and price

The pre-bookings have been opened and it is expected to be shipped on July 11 for 14999 yuan.

The laptop would be available on sale in China on JingDong and there’s no expected timeline for this laptop for an Indian or global launch as of yet. This seems more like a custom limited piece hardware and a global launch doesn’t seem to make much sense for a product like this!

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ASUS ARTONE Gold plated laptop launched, out now!

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