Atlanta Healthcare launches AirVisual Node ,a revolutionary Air Pollution Monitor

NODE is a portable air quality monitor that displays immediate results on a five-inch screen and via smartphone

If you’re reading this, you’re probably using a smartphone or laptop right now. If you see a speck of dust on the screen of your device, you immediately clean it off, because that’s how we like it. We like our homes clean, our gadgets stainless, we clean ourselves daily, no way we’re going to drink that dirty water. But what about the air we breathe in?

We have always accepted the quality of the air around us without question, even though 2 Indians die due to air pollution every minute. This is partly because we’ve lacked the tools to control what we breathe–until now.

There’s a new device for our help now. Atlanta Healthcare, known for their innovative healthcare products recently launched AirVisual Node in Indian markets. With the Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node, we can instantly see invisible threats around us, which is a critical first step to breathing healthier air.

NODE is a portable air quality monitor that displays immediate particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, Temperature and Humidity on a five-inch screen and via smartphone.

This PM2.5 monitor, provides real-time PM, CO2 readings along with air quality forecasts, outdoor air quality insights, and phone alerts. Additionally, each of these Node contributes to an existing network of over 8,000 monitors that are analyzed by AirVisual’s deep machine learning technology which helps to track pollution sources and trends while improving the company’s in-house forecasting tools.

The Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node combines a set of cutting-edge technologies to deliver with unprecedented accuracies and durability.

Key features of AirVisual Node:

Some of these features are,

  1. Measures PM2.5, CO2, Temperature, Humidity
  2. Monitor has a screen that shows indoor air quality compared to outdoor
  3. Wi-Fi connectivity with enhanced sensitivity to capture remote Wi-Fi signal
  4. USB charging
  5. A battery that ensures continuous measurements even during a temporary power cut (24/7 results). In case of a long power cut, the sensor automatically boots up when the electricity is back, without human intervention
  6. Web-based central reporting of the building’s air quality in real-time
  7. Measurements time intervals are configurable
  8. Air quality data is accessible in real-time from the user-friendly dashboard
  9. System supports automatic alerts based on customized rules

Besides these, there are several other features and benefits of using AirVisual Node too. Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node is complemented with a set of tools that include global air quality map and three-day forecasts, this way the air quality is localized down to the individual, bringing a seemingly daunting task to something as manageable as a single room.”


Clean air is not an option but a necessity. Hopefully, our society will one day realize it too, at least I’m hopeful of seeing that day in my lifetime. For now, AirVisual NODE which may not clean the air around but at least can tell the level of deterioration. Our homes need such devices to constantly remind us of what have we done with nature. Let’s see how popular the AirVisual NODE gets.

You can buy it here!

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Atlanta Healthcare launches AirVisual Node ,a revolutionary Air Pollution Monitor

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