ChatGPT Paid Version Is Officially Launched!

Faster, Smarter and Better ChatGPT is Here

The long-awaited ChatGPT paid version is officially launched across the world.

chatgpt plus plan $20

As you can see ChatGPT Plus costs 20 USD a month. Users with an Upgraded plan can access ChatGPT even when demand is high. The Major Upgrade is the faster response time, Questions that take 45 seconds to answer in the free version, and 17 seconds in the paid version. General access to chatbot even during peak time faster response times and priority access to new features and the latest render language model.

Chatgpt models

ChatGPT Plus comes with 2 models out of which turbo is optimized for speed and currently is in alpha state. Here is the speed comparison of Default and Turbo Mode

Chatgpt Default vs Turbo

ChatGPT Turbo is approximately 40% faster! Here is the comparison of speeds and outputs of ChatGPT vs ChatGPT Plus and Turbo versions

Chatgpt comparison

Netizens are worried that the free version of ChatGPT might give the wrong answers and people will have to buy the paid version to get the right answers.

Chatgpt twitter
  • code-davinci-002 is a base model that is good for pure code-completion tasks.
  • text-davinci-002 is an instructGPT model based on code-davinci-002
  • text-davinci-003 is an improvement on text-davinci-002

OpenAI claimed that it was ready for GPT3.5 or Davinci-003, but in the end, we only got davinci-002.

Chatgpt render model

Many people are confused if ChatGPT is free for Bing, is it necessary to pay for ChatGPT?Twitter user Matt Wolfe asked Bing’s chat the same question here’s what Bing has to say

ChatGPT Bing Mode

from the answer, we can infer that Bing chat mode will have its limitations such as it can’t save conversations and limited access to upcoming features.

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ChatGPT Paid Version Is Officially Launched!

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