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Childhood Memories – ©Inspire2rise.com

Childhood Memories
 Childhood memories. Inspire2rise Awesome picture of the day.

Childhood Memories

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An awesome childhood memory of my mine is making these and writing poems. One of them is this poem by me.

My Feelings.

It is good to have friends.
But not the enemies.
It is good to care for everybody.
Than to harm anybody.
It is good to say “thank you”.
But not to ‘I hate you”.
It is easy to harm anyone.
Rather to help him or her.
It is good to divide joys.
But I won’t the sorrows.
It is good to speak the truth.
Rather than telling a lie.
I pray to the Almighty.
For he made.
All things well.
He is the well wisher of human beings.
So he created all of them.

It was the first poem I ever wrote. So kindly forgive me for the innocent mistakes in it. After all it is one of the best childhood memories I got. Childhood memories like these are the things which keep us going even when we are truly lost.

Childhood memories. Inspire2rise Awesome picture of the day.


They help us realize the innate goodness and joy within us. And sometimes that’s all we need.

What’s your take, let us know in the comments section below.

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Childhood Memories ©Inspire2rise.com Awesome picture of the day. Inspire2rise awesome picture of the day! © INSPIRE2RISE.COM 2012.

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