ColorOS 7.1 Debuts in India on the OPPO Find X2 Series

Android 10-based ColorOS 7 update is optimized for improving overall efficiency, productivity and wellness, creating a more effortless & user-centered experience!

World-leading smart device brand OPPO has debuted ColorOS 7.1 in India on the newly launched OPPO Find X2, building on ColorOS 7 to offer an even greater visual experience and a smoother system performance, designed to improve work and life efficiency. With enhancements for a 120Hz screen as well as optimizations for video and photography and brand-new features aimed at efficiency and wellness, ColorOS 7.1 is optimized for a more effortless and user-centred experience.

By weaving the beauty of technology into people’s daily lives, ColorOS 7.1 delivers a flawless and intuitive experience for users. Considering the current global scenario, ColorOS 7.1 is aimed to improve overall efficiency, productivity and wellness, creating a more effortless and user-centred experience,”

says Manoj Kumar, Senior Principal Engineer, OPPO ColorOS.

“With extensive consumer insights, the ColorOS R&D teams across India and China are collaborating to innovate in India and make ColorOS relevant and pleasing not only for global users but also adaptive for the Indian population.”

A greater and healthier visual experience with a 120Hz screen

ColorOS 7.1 comes with system-wide enhancements that support a 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate, to maximize the potential of the screen and capture every detail in video and animation. A Smart Mode recognizes user scenarios and intelligently adjusts the refresh rate to achieve a balance between smooth visuals and optimal power consumption; users can also opt to manually set the refresh rate at 60Hz or 120Hz. 

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The update delivers a significant boost to video quality. The O1 Ultra Vision Engine’s Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation (MEMC) can boost 30-frame videos to 60 frames (default) or even up to 120 frames, while it’s HDR Video Enhancer transforms SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) videos to HDR (High Dynamic Range) quality while streaming, generating clearer, sharper, and brighter videos. The All Pixel Omni-directional PDAF improves focusing performance while shooting, enabling users to focus fast and accurately, in dim environments as well as on moving objects. Live HDR videos help capture an exquisite level of detail, with clearer highlights and shadows even in backlit scenes, realizing videos of movie-like quality.

With care for users’ eyes in mind, ColorOS 7.1 offers Natural Tone Display, an adaptive AI display system that automatically adjusts colour temperatures to ensure display consistency, and AI Brightness, which learns user habits to tailor the display’s brightness accordingly and prevent harm from extended use in extreme light conditions. Meanwhile, Dark Mode provides a soothing reading experience, as the low-brightness, flicker-free feature protects users’ eyes from the screen’s pulse width modulation (PWM) frequency.

Designed for improved work and life efficiency

As the work and life boundaries merge, OPPO Find X2 with ColorOS 7.1 is optimized for work. With Wireless Printing, users can now wirelessly print photos and PDF files without any additional applications. Text Scanner recognizes and highlights text in pictures, auto-correcting key areas to generate a clear image and enabling users to take photos of text for note-taking and reading.

ColorOS 7.1 supports multiple accounts on a single phone with Multi-user Mode, meaning that multiple users can seamlessly use the same phone or one user can use a phone for many scenarios, without worrying about different data interfering with each other. To help users unwind physically and mentally, OPPO Relax offers exercises, pleasant background music, and ambient white noise to assist breathing, sleep, and concentration.

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A simple and lightweight design to refresh the user experience

ColorOS 7 adopted a lightweight design approach that simplified the user interface while offering users more controls over the UI, helping users focus on their content while reducing visual fatigue, which was welcomed by many users since it first launched in India. ColorOS 7.1 takes this design approach one step further, unveiling even more lightweight wallpapers, icons, and animations to give users even greater options and make the overall user experience more intuitive and effortless. 

Colos OS 7.1

A smoother system performance

ColorOS 7.1 unveils impressive improvements to the system performance. Anti-fragmentation technology reduces back-end memory fragmentation and decreases app termination and lagging by 93%. Cache Preload ensures that cold starts are as fast as warm starts, increasing the average app launching speed by 25%. The most-used interfaces are also pre-rendered to enhance screen interaction response speeds considerably, boosting the frame rate by 19% and touch response by 38% while gaming. By anticipating user behaviour, ColorOS 7.1 automatically closes apps that the user is unlikely to open anytime soon, increasing system RAM utilization by 40%.

Strong partnership with Google 

ColorOS 7.1 is built on Android 10, the latest version of Google’s operating system.

“It’s been a pleasure working with the talented OPPO team to build fabulous devices over the years,”

says Sameer Samat, VP of Product Management for Android at Google.

“OPPO is one of the largest and fastest-growing partners in the Android ecosystem, and is known for its deep investment in creating amazing experiences for users around the world.”

The Find X2 Series also comes with the best Google apps pre-installed and are the first  OPPO devices to beAndroid Enterprise Recommended. It’s a seal of approval that our hardware and software have met Google’s elevated enterprise requirements, and are optimised for business deployments.

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ColorOS 7.1 roll-out plan

ColorOS 7.1 is customized for Find X2 Series, with a set of visual enhancements that amplify the devices’ ultra visual experience. OPPO Find X2 will be available for sale in India starting June 27.

About ColorOS

ColorOS is a highly customized, efficient, intelligent, and richly designed Android-based mobile OS from OPPO. With over 350 million global users, ColorOS supports more than 80 languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu.

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ColorOS 7.1 Debuts in India on the OPPO Find X2 Series

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