Epic Games’ Free Weekly Giveaway Features ‘The Big Con’ and ‘Town of Salem 2’

Discover Epic Games’ latest free titles: the adventure comedy ‘The Big Con’ and the casual strategy ‘Town of Salem 2.’ Grab your copies now!

Epic Games is offering free downloads of ‘The Big Con’ and ‘Town of Salem 2’ this week. Dive into adventure and strategy with these exciting titles!

  • The Big Con is an adventure comedy set in the 1990s America, where players take on the role of Ally, a teenage con artist. The game unfolds as Ally tries to save her family’s video store from a predatory loan shark through various deceptions across the country.
  • Town of Salem 2 is a game focused on deceit and deduction in a troubled Salem. Players navigate through murder and mystery, using strategy and their ability to deduce or deceive about other players’ identities in a multiplayer setting.

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Epic Games’ Free Weekly Giveaway Features ‘The Big Con’ and ‘Town of Salem 2’

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