Facebook’s new update to get all your notifications together

Are you one of those people who is constantly bombarded with notifications from a bunch of apps? Are you constantly opening and closing each of them? Well firstly you need to tone down on your social media a little. And secondly, we have a good news for you. Facebook has a new feature for all of you and this one goes well beyond the app itself. Facebook team is working towards bringing the whole family together. The first step has already been taken, by combining the notifications for all in one place.

The new feature, first reported by the guys at  Tech Crunch and has only appeared in Facebook apps of selected iOS devices, bundling notification from apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram all in one app, in one notification tray. (Update- Some Android users are reporting they also have received the same update, so it’s universal now.)

For those of you, who are quite very active on many social media sites, it will help you cycle through some of them quickly, and you won’t have to open each of those apps separately to check out the notifications, thus providing a synergy to the whole process and making it easier to toggle between your Instagram and Facebook feed.

As you can notice in the app; on the top right corner, the messenger logo in the Facebook app, which was a shortcut to the Messenger app of Facebook has now been replaced with your profile picture. Now it is showing total no. of notifications you have throughout the total apps you use.

(Image Source-Mashable)

When you tap on the top icon, a new pop-up appears which allows you to check notifications on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram and also allowing you to jump directly to it.

(Image Source- Mashable)

So what’s the plan, Facebook?

“We are conducting a very small test to make it easier for people to discover and connect with the people and things they care about,” they wrote.

“We’re exploring ways to help people switch more easily between their Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts.” is what Facebook responded to Tech Crunch when asked about the new update. As we know, Facebook keeps on rolling out updates like these to selected devices time to time to check their efficiency. There have been lots of talks about Facebook’s plan to reorganize all its social medias under a single umbrella and this might just be the beginning of that.

As of now, the feature was only observed on a Facebook app by us, but users suggest seeing the same on other apps like Messenger and Instagram too. However, there’s no update about Whatsapp, another prominent member of the Facebook family. It is yet to see whether it will join others in the All Notification in One Tab group or wither away, coldly, in some corners with its family groups.

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Facebook’s new update to get all your notifications together

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