Facebook app updated on Mobile platforms

Facebook app updated on Mobile platform for Android and iOS users. As many of us noticed that Facebook really changed it’s design for mobile phones, its theme , style, fonts, and the new features are good too. We all know , how much we all are addicted to Facebook, almost everything we do, is updated on Facebook.Whether it’s any cool party , or any random thing, all we do is just update it on Facebook to show others yes we are doing that. Facebook always works for users (us), Facebook always try to make better updates for computer version and mobile version as well. Well last update was of computerized version for Facebook, which is pretty much good in designs and new fonts for touch users as well. After the update of computerized version of Facebook, Facebook launched a totally new version for mobile, its totally different view from the earlier version in many aspects. From design to the fonts, from structure to the features, everything looks so much new and I am like ::yes its an update::. New design and tabs are  like ultimate change in the mobile version.

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Earlier , users (including me) experienced frequent crashes while chatting , and sometimes the files were not able to upload , if its gonna upload after setting image it crashed. Now all those bugs are truly fixed, new structure of Facebook is pretty much stable then earlier version. After bugs, its time to discuss the font, new fonts are really pretty big and looks clear and really felt like a welcome change. In the previous version of Facebook , we were not able to comment well , as we were not able to upload any image in comments as compared to the computerized version of Facebook. In the newer version there is an icon for uploading and attaching the image in the comments which is surely a big update when compared to previous versions. In the below image gallery its clearly visible how much attractive and with good interface Facebook update is .

Facebook app updated on Mobile platform : Gallery.

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Facebook app updated on Mobile platforms : The bugs.

Well , after giving so good stability and good structure , it’s time to discuss the shortcomings in the app. They just small errors but some bugs are still left. According to my experience, whenever someone messages us, a tab shows us the message but when we select it , Facebook takes longer time to load , sometimes it even crashes when loading, as compared to an earlier version of Facebook mobile app. Well this happened only two to three times, now its quite stable (According to my own experience.)

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After this dark side, lets go back to the bright side of the new UI. Tabs for news feed, messages, timeline, are really very well updated with good fonts, color, design and structure and stability its much better than the previous version. In this new version of Facebook , other options there an application for managing data for mobile , the image below describes it well.

Facebook app updated on Mobile platform 5
There’s also an option for Mobile data now. It’s cleaner than before and the white space and spacing has been optimized!

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Facebook app updated on Mobile platforms

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