Google Fuchsia OS may be coming out soon!

Google has added support for Snapdragon 835 and more!

Android has become the most widely used operating system in the world of smartphones. However, Google has not stopped here but has worked on different stuff as well. Fuchsia OS is the one where it seems Google is trying to innovate beyond what they have already done.

google fuchsia os changes

After some investigation, it was found that the Fuchsia source library has added support for the Snapdragon 835 chipset (MSM8998), which can be found on devices like the Pixel 2. Previously, Fuchsia OS was able to work on Honor Play and Google Pixel 3 XL, which came with the Kirin 970 and the Snapdragon 845 platform, but they were all contributed by the three-way engineers.

Interestingly, at this year’s I/O conference, Google tried to make everyone not see Fuchsia as a replacement for Android. But instead, they emphasized its temporary focus on the positioning of IoT devices such as smart hardware. For the moment, Fuchsia does mainly adapt to Nest Hub, Pixel book, etc. This is similar to what Huawei has in store for their Hongmeng OS. But there’s no denying the possibility that they might adopt the Fuchsia OS in the near future for mobile phones.

google fuchsia os update

It is worth mentioning that in June this year, Fuchsia OS’ developer website went online to provide technical documentation search. In order to build this system, Google hired Apple MacOS executive with 14 years of experience at the helm. It is reported that Fuchsia OS abandoned the Linux kernel. And it’s based on the Zircon micro core, written in the Flutter engine + Dart language.

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Google Fuchsia OS may be coming out soon!

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