Google Podcasts to Shut Down in June 2024, Shifts to YouTube Music

Google Podcasts discontinues by June 2024, transitioning subscriptions to YouTube Music. Users can export data until July 2024.

Google Podcasts, a platform previously utilized by a portion of podcast listeners, will cease operations on June 23, 2024. Subscriptions will be transitioned to YouTube Music by July 29, 2024.

This strategic shift is influenced by user preferences, as internal data revealed that only 4% of U.S. podcast listeners regularly used Google Podcasts, compared to 23% for YouTube.

google podcast shutdown june 2024

To facilitate this transition, users are provided with the option to export their subscriptions in OPML format, which can be imported into other podcast applications.

The service outlines that only current subscribers of Google Podcasts are eligible to transfer or export their subscriptions.

Additionally, this service will not be available to child accounts and will only be supported in regions where YouTube Music is available.

Google also stated that data related to Google Podcasts will be retained for a year after the discontinuation, after which it will be permanently deleted, but users have the option to remove their data earlier through the “My Activity” section.

Google Podcasts has now famously joined the long list of products that enter the “Google Graveyard” i.e. products that Google starts enthusiastically and then abandons later on!

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Google Podcasts to Shut Down in June 2024, Shifts to YouTube Music

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