How to do Vlogging the professional way


How to do Vlogging professionally: Vlogging or Video blogging as we call it is one of the latest trends these days. Vlogging is the new facet of blogging, it’s a fun and engaging way to engage with people better and build long-lasting relationships with viewers which allow you to later earn good money. Vlogging requires almost no prior investment or capital. All that you need is a good video camera, something which most of the mobile phones these days come pre-equipped with. Apart from that you would need basic video editing software even that comes pre-installed in most of the systems. If you have windows then you can make do with Windows movie maker, and for those people with Macs they can always use iMovie. For people using Ubuntu or other variants of Linux there’s always Avidemux. So today we are going to teach you how to do vlogging the professional way.

What do you need for professional Vlogging?

Though we covered it a little bit in our introduction, but in order to do really effective professional vlogging you need to focus on the specifics. So here’s a brief list of all the things you need for doing professional Vlogging:

  • A really good camera with a good close range focus and wide aperture for allowing more light to pass through. Always ensure that you shoot in full HD for better quality. (Full HD resolution is 1920×1080 px)
  • A good recording space devoid of ambient noises and one which is clean and has a good color scheme. By color scheme we mean that the colors of the walls and background should be light and pleasant to the eyes. Warm tones like red, orange, yellow should be strictly avoided. Light shades of blue and green, or even variants of white and off-white look the professional for the background.
  • Proper lighting and usage of filters to avoid direct light. This tip is especially useful for Bloggers who do gadget reviews, the gadgets need to be placed under diffused sources of light so that they don’t reflect the light back. This can be achieved by placing light horizontally and then covering it with translucent cloth filters which make the light sources diffused rather than direct. Usage of a white box for reviewing gadgets particularly mobile phones is recommended as it does not need much focus on other background elements.
  • Using proper noise reduction techniques and software. No matter how much precaution you take sometimes ambient sounds and hissing noises creep into the video making the final product really unpleasant to hear. So you should always do voice over of your videos. We would recommend you to use
  • Follow a professional yet personalized approach. By this we mean that you need to be frank and honest and not copy someone else. Show your own personality in front of the camera and in time the right people will appreciate and admire you.

How to do Vlogging: Further steps to ensure you are headed right.

Now that you are off to a good start you can head further by making a good action plan. Your action plan should consist of:

  1. A Vlog content strategy: By content strategy we mean that you should pre decide the topics you would Vlog on. Stick to a particular theme and then form a brand by sharing quality information around that topic and being fresh. Content strategy would involve you to have a list of set titles and themes in advance that you would do in future. We prefer using Google sheets or other cloud alternatives to do this task as it’s easy to track the progress online.
  2. Have a professional and easy to remember channel name: Your YouTube channel name is the name of your brand. Make sure that it’s not too long and easy to remember.
  3. Get social: Don’t wait for your Channel to hit popularity and then venture out on other platforms. Grab your social profiles beforehand and further establish your brand image by sharing content that is aligned with your brand personality on these mediums.
  4. Don’t indulge in “only me”: No one likes an over promoting Vlogger. On YouTube it’s very easy to get your video noticed by posting it as a video response on a video of the same niche which allows for video responses. But, do it regularly and you will risk losing your genuine subscribers. Once you hit a certain mark in terms of viewership then these activities might not hurt that much. But stay cautious in your approach in the beginning.
  5. Focus on becoming a YouTube partner: In order to earn money via YouTube you must be a YouTube partner. This requires you to have a decent number of videos in your profiles with above 1000+ views combined. Once you become a YouTube partner then all you have to do is post genuine engaging videos and the money would roll in if the viewership is good.
  6. To be better, be an active Vlogger: Staying dormant for weeks and then posting is a sure shot way of making your subscribers ignore you. Keep them on the edge of their seats by posting good content every once in a while, say a week or so.

How to do Vlogging the professional way youtube tips

The golden rule of Vlogging is to ensure communication. Respond to criticism in a positive way and never ignore those people who comment on your videos. These are the early adopters, the game changers. The difference between a hit Vlogger and one without any views. So this was a guide to getting you started on how to do Vlogging the professional way. Have any doubts, any queries, then do comment. You can also tweet us @Inspire2rise.

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