Interview of Neil Patel (SEO Expert and Influencer)

Neil Patel is a well know figure to almost all of the people involved in digital marketing, search engine optimization and blogging. He is an entrepreneur, blogger, a SEO specialist and much more. Today we have him here for an interview at Inspire2rise. So what are we waiting for, let’s start already!
P.S.: This interview was taken in 2014 but is still relevant in today’s context so we are publishing it again! 😀

Few of our readers might not be acquainted with you, so please tell us something about yourself Neil!

Ans. : I’m just an average joe. I love trying new foods, hanging out with friends and even watching TV. Other than that, I spend my time on my startups KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, and I blog at Quick Sprout for fun.


How much have things changed now since the time you started your online journey, and is it more tough today to break through or easier?

Ans. Things have changed a lot. As your business grows, things change. When it comes to things being easier, some do, but you start facing new challenges as well.


Interview of Neil Patel (SEO Expert and Influencer)


How much impact do you think education and educational institutes like schools and colleges have on the future careers of people?

Ans. : I think less and less. If they start adjusting their education process to teaching you how to critically think, or by teaching you stuff that you’ll use in the real world, I can see how it would be more valuable.

interview of neil patel

What is your advice to young entrepreneurs out there who wish to make it big in the online world?

Ans. : Learn from your mistakes. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy and you are going to make a lot of mistakes. But if you learn from them and avoid repeating the same ones, you are more likely to succeed.


We have often seen awesome infographics and designs on your website. How do you create them and are there any specific benefit of being so graphic oriented?

Ans : I have someone is in charge of infographics. All he does is come up with topic ideas, do the research and then find designers on Dribbble to design them.

Interview of Neil Patel (SEO Expert and Influencer)

What should be the SEO strategy for any young startup with no previous experience. What should they do when they are venturing into this unknown territory on their own?

Ans. : A young startup shouldn’t focus on SEO. They should focus on building a killer product. Without that, they won’t do well, even if they rank extremely high.


What is according to you the easiest way to make money online?

Ans. : There is no easy way. Anything that is long term requires hard work.


How can someone rank for a specific keyword consistently? What are the factors involved, and how much time does it take to get on the first page of any search engine?

Ans. :  Through content marketing. If you write great content, people will link to you, which will help the overall authority of your website. This will cause your rankings to go up in the long run.


Interview of Neil Patel (SEO Expert and Influencer)


I think this one is a bit far fetched. But What is your one Golden seo tip that you would like to share with us that no one else knows?

Ans. : There aren’t any secrets… eventually everyone learns what to do and what not to do.

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Interview of Neil Patel (SEO Expert and Influencer)

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