How to stay motivated : The step by step guide

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How to stay motivated guide by Inspire2rise

Well the topic of today’s discussion is something which has been raised by us quite a lot of times earlier too. But what really matters is the relevancy of the message in accordance with the times. How to stay motivated? Strange question isn’t it. For finding a concrete answer to this question let’s ask why do we need motivation. Consider this, we all are human beings. We have consciousness. We possess the ability to judge right from wrong depending on our previous experiences. But what happens to all of us as we grow up? Let’s do some analysis from the baseline. And I bring to you the Inspire2rise How to stay motivated guide.

How to stay motivated : Analyzing motivation and when does need for motivation arise.

When we are kids we follow what our parents and teachers say. We follow them because of several reasons. Reasons like respect, love, fear, obedience and much more. But as we grow up, we have to stick out for our ourselves. We learn that there are things that we ought to do and then there are things that we love to do. Things like lazing around, sleeping, surfing the internet, mindless gossip and the list is endless. These are the things which we may like to do. But they don’t ensure that we may get anywhere in life. We need motivation to do the things which are important for self growth. Things which would lead to a higher level of understanding and a better life. But above all we need motivation to get through the day. Every day. We need motivation because it connects us to our true self. The self which wants to help others. Which wants to make the world a better place.
But even motivation works well on those who understand how to take it.

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How to stay motivated – Beware of foolishness!

There’s a famous quote that

If you have a fool and you motivate him, then now you have a motivated fool!

We loose hope through the trivia of life. You know as I too go on, the feeling comes that every day is a new struggle. This is exactly why we need motivation. Even while writing this article I took so many breaks. It was just not possible to write it in one go. Every time I wrote down something I erased almost 4-5 lines. This is the analysis of our mind. We are always afraid of venturing out. But exploring new avenues and always moving forward is the way to go.

We need motivation because we are not connected to our inner child. A child always does things in his/her own innocent way. This is what we lack. When we do anything we don’t do it with love. If you put love, passion and everything even in the smallest of your acts then you would realize motivation is a behavioral pattern. Motivation can’t be forced. It always comes from inside. This was something a good friend of mind always told me. If something motivates you then you are not there yet. When someday you will not be affected by the external forces in life, when the winds and rains can do nothing to you. Then you would have achieved the state where you won’t need any motivation. Though it all sounds good and thing. But let’s leave this for the adepts and saints.

Coming back to ground zero.

Let’s sum up motivation points for the newbies and for those who get down too easily.

How to stay motivated? Feeling down aren’t you. Do this immediately :

1.) Start walking. Go for a long walk. If possible don’t plug in your headphones and focus on the scenery, people and nature around you. It always inspire me to do something better.

2.) Listen to your favorite music. Better would be : Create your own music. Nothing beats stress and inspires me more than playing my guitar.

3.) Scare some people. Oops, who wrote this! OK, OK what I wanted to say is that help those in need. Doing a very small act of kindness is enough for motivating you beyond your own petty sorrows.

4.) Hug your loved ones. Watch your photos in happy moments. It is surely a booster.

5.) And when everything else fails. Then ask yourself : “What are you going to do? What is your purpose? Why you are here?”
If you find the answers to the above questions then it will not only solve your motivation problem, it will solve all of your problems.

Well that was something serious. I wrote this post because I felt heavy inside regarding some issues that had been plaguing my life since few days. In the process of writing this post I regained my Mojo, my motivation. This was my way, you have to find yours.
Go out to claim your life, your purpose is waiting for you. Stay motivated, learn by yourself how to stay motivated. Life is too short to waste it by feeling down. Stay inspired to rise.

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How to stay motivated : The step by step guide

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  1. Hi Aditya,

    Your written post is good enough to open the eye of any fool blogger. I like the sentence you used here to teach fool you need to be fool, that is the thing which every blogger is missing up today…

    Thanks Aditya, it is a nice share…

    Atul Kumar Pandey


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