How to Stay Safe Online During Black Friday Sales?

Learn how to stay safe, and secure your family and friends during online deals mania!

We’re all excited about deals. Although there’s some awareness around online security, there’s a need to do more to sensitize members of our family and friends who are not as glued to best practices.

With Black Friday around, online users are at war to get the best deal they can get their hands on. The opportunity at hand has created a deals celebration that extends all the way to Cyber Monday.

The result of deals mania, though, is unsafe web browsing and online shopping using unsecured public networks. Transactions checking financial details and entering banking information on unsecured networks make it incredibly easy for a cybercriminal to access your data.

According to the India Digital Wellness Report commissioned by Norton LifeLock, 7 in 10 Indians (68%) who transact online are willing to save their personal bank details on the websites they trust. What is a matter of concern is it needs a discerning eye to be able to identify vulnerable networks.

Country Director for NortonLifelock Ritesh Chopra explains that Indians need to be more informed when accessing public Wi-Fi networks for personal use.

Protect against cybercriminals via the latest software updates.

Cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new threats, so you need to be conscientious about ensuring all your operating systems and apps are up to date with the latest versions and patches to help address any security vulnerabilities that could expose you to a cyberattack.

Avoid opening suspicious links

Phishing scams may appear to be from a legitimate source such as a large retailer offering a great deal. Best advice: don’t open it. The consequences of opening a suspicious link, which could result in malicious software on your device, include theft of your credentials, and your personal information being sold on the dark web.

Use a VPN

A VPN will ensure all data transmitted during your online sessions is encrypted. Norton Secure VPN, CloudFlare’s app and others can secure your private information on PCs, Macs, or a mobile device.

Be alert

Pay attention to the network you’re joining. Cybercriminals set up rogue hotspots with names that are close to that of the legitimate network you may be trying to connect to.

Keep it personal at home

Do not access sensitive information or online accounts that contain such data if you’re on public Wi-Fi.

Don’t auto-connect

Turn off any auto-connect settings for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on your devices. Also, remember to disable file sharing.

Log out

Always log out of accounts when you are finished using them.

norton india digital wellness report

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How to Stay Safe Online During Black Friday Sales?

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