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Huwaei’s In-display camera patent leaked, innovative punch hole mechanism!

Huwaei In-display camera patent leaked

OPPO and Xiaomi have already entered the game of in-display camera tech. Will the camera under the screen be the main theme of the next round of achieving a 100% screen to body ratio?

After a thorough search, several patent documents related to the in screen camera technology of Huawei have surfaced. It seems that with advanced film, glass and self-illumination using OLED panel, Huawei is going to creatively use the lens hole based on the camera for an under the camera mechanism. A lot of UI adaptations have been made to achieve this. This will also be functional in the normal display state.

huawei in display camera technology patent

How is it possible?

For example, the camera interface displays the AI ??mode on and off, the notification icon is displayed in the desktop state, and the background phone is connected as the resident floating window in the hands-free state.

huawei in screen camera technology demo

In fact, after the Huawei P30 Pro had adopted the screen sound technology, it is not difficult to infer that Huawei’s 100% screen to body solution is already underway. With the folding screen and the full-screen smartphones, Huawei’s future lineup seems to be bright!

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