How to Identify Depression and What Can You Do About It?

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is running after their 9-5 jobs, chasing deadlines, trying to conquer the so-called work-life balance, etc. We somehow tend to lose those simple and little opportunities in life that can bring happiness to us.

Trying to match with the pace and facing the cutthroat competition, if we fail or lack somewhere builds a sense of inferiority complex among ourselves. In times where comparisons are made right from the brand you wear, the company you work in, the designation you hold, the fancy package you have, to the car you drive back home in. It feels that human life has become more of a rat race.

Unlike the good old days when lives were much simpler and the needs were less fancy. There were fewer chances of people undergoing any pressure or stress.

Most people have encountered constant feelings of sadness and depression at one or the other point in their lives.

Depression – The term which is no longer an alien term to even teenagers in today’s time.

How to identify Depression? What is depression?

Feeling all-time low and sad? Doesn’t feel like interacting with people or doing things. Can’t put all your best efforts into the task at hand etc These are a few symptoms of depression. It is a medical illness, not a sign of weakness. And it’s treatable.

Depression is a condition and it can be cured through therapy. Sometimes we ignore some symptoms as mood swings or hormonal problems but we miss out that a person might be suffering from depression.

Recently the famous model turned actor Deepika Padukone announced that she too underwent depression and is now completely out of it. She also stated how she took help and underwent therapy so that she could overcome it.

What we really lack is the sensibility to understand and accept depression which is why, a lot of lives are affected every year. If depression is identified and cured timely a lot of lives can be saved.

So don’t feel hesitant to seek help the next time you feel that you are depressed or come across someone with depression.

These tips will make you feel better- so start them right now:

  • Form a routine chart:

If you are under depression then structure your day and set a routine for yourself. Depression tends to make one directionless and if you form a routine for yourself you will able to hit off better.

  • Goal setting:

Depression usually strips the sense of achieving goals which makes one think that everything is impossible.

Set some goals for yourself, which could be as small as listening to music for 20 minutes a day, taking the dog out for a walk, etc.

As things start making sense you can set bigger goals that you can aim for.

  • Eating Right:

Eating is like a therapy. What you eat affects you as a being. Eating healthy will not only make you feel good but also active.

If depression tends to make you overeat, getting in control of your eating will help you feel better.

  • Sleep tight

Millennials are either all-nighters or late-nighters but a sound sleep of at least 7- 8 hours is advised for a healthy mind and body. Sleep deprivation causes irritation and lack of focus.

Building a sleeping schedule will help you have the right approach and overcome depression.

  • Taking up responsibilities

While depression would want you to seclude yourself and give up on family and responsibilities, try and take on additional responsibilities. This will help you maintain your lifestyle.

Remember that sometimes by lending an ear to someone’s problems or helping a little can save someone’s life. Depression isn’t a stigma to be ashamed of it should be accepted and cured.

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How to Identify Depression and What Can You Do About It?

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