Instagram launches video chat room function!

Up to four people on the same screen, other users can watch

With the highly popular launch of Clubhouse audio based social network, some traditional Internet companies have imitated and launched their own voice chat rooms and other new features. According to reputed tech publication androidcommunity’s news, Instagram recently launched the Live Rooms function of a video chat room, which can support up to 4 people to chat live on the same screen. In addition, the room is open to the public, and interested users can directly enter the room to watch.

instagram video chat function

With the spread of the new Covid19 epidemic in 2020, a large number of users around the world have to use the Internet to socialize at home. Instagram has already launched a live broadcast function before, which had been loved by users. The new version of Live Rooms is a further extension of the previous live broadcast function. The officials have said that more people can participate in a live thereby facilitating the talking experience, more simultaneous musical instruments playing, and rich forms of live video are now possible.

In addition, creators can also benefit from this, because Instagram recently launched a reward function, users can buy badges to express their love for the creator. Live Rooms will also provide richer interactive features, such as online shopping, crowdfunding, host controls, etc.

We do understand that if someone wants to use this feature, users can click on the Live camera option and find the Rooms icon. The user can invite friends to participate at the same time or separately. During the live broadcast, the user himself is in the upper left corner. The Live Rooms function also supports blocking users , and provides more control to the person starting the live room. Users who are officially banned by Instagram can also not enter the live broadcast room. In addition, the video chat room also supports features such as comment filtering, which is convenient for the creator to control. Officials said that the new feature will soon be launched for Instagram users all around the world.

So guys are you excited about this new feature? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Instagram launches video chat room function!

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