Is this the new rumored Rs.200 note?


Remember Demonetisation? Those long bank queues and ATM lines? Especially the rush to see the new Rs.500 and Rs. 2000 notes fresh out of banks?

We all were so eager to see them once.Well, there was this news story about how the government is planning to introduce another denomination of currency very soon, the new Rs. 200 INR notes.

Well, they may be coming out sometime later, but we already have a leaked pic of the new Rs.200 note, exclusively for you. So without any further delays, here, have a look at the new Rs.200 INR (?) note.

( This may or may not be the right one, we are still unsure, but most probably it is.)

As you can see, the new note carries all the characteristics of its contemporaries. We still don’t know what there may be on the back of its,  surely not the Mangalyaan though. Colour is a bit off, like a lighter mixture of Rs.500 and Rs.2000 notes. Overall it is fine. But that’s not the only point of this article.


What else can we expect?

There was this rumor lately about how the government is planning for Demonetization 2.0  soon. Reportedly, production of new Rs. 2000 has been stopped by the RBI and they may soon be pulled out of the market.

If you remember, there were similar kind of rumors and image leaks of new currency notes around the same time last year. Well, that all turned out to be true so there is a strong belief this time.

The focus, according to the reports is to ban the Rs.2000 notes too for the time being and limit the denomination to Rs. 100, 200, and 500. So you may very well start preparing for standing in queues again. For the time being, exchange those Rs.2000 notes for the Rs.100, just to be on the safe side.

This will be done to curb out the hoarding of the Rs.2000 notes by the corrupt populace. Also, it’ll be a good way to check who all are indulging in corruption again, but let’s say it on the face, the middle class will be suffering the most again.

Let’s just hope this Demonetization rumor turns out to be false, I can’t stand standing in queues again ( pun completely intended), and I’m sure about you too.

Until that time, enjoy the new Rs. 200 (?) notes or just complain about its color scheme, like me. Also if you’ve any questions or suggestions, just comment below and we’ll be more than eager to help you out.


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