Justin Bieber Hoax – Helped Girl Raped After His Concert

Justin Bieber Hoax - Helped Girl Raped After His Concert

Social media driven story that features a photograph of star Justin Bieber hugging a young girl, claims that the girl was raped after a concert and then, when she finally found her way home, was told that her mother had been killed in an accident. According to the story, Justin Bieber later met the girl and offered comfort and support. This is another example of a Justin bieber hoax given the young star’s popularity and fan following.

Brief Analysis
The story is nonsense and the events described never took place. Some prankster stole a photograph of Justin with the girl and made up a fanciful tale to go with it. The girl in the photograph has stated that there is no truth to the story, noting that she simply met Justin outside his hotel room.

justin bieber hoax

Detailed Analysis
This rapidly circulating social media message (Justin bieber hoax) tells the harrowing tale of a young girl who was first raped and left to wander crying in the streets only to find out when she finally found her way home, that her mother had been killed in a car accident. Supposedly, the events took place after the girl attended a Justin Bieber concert. The story claims that, after he heard the girl’s story via Twitter posts, Justin Bieber met and comforted her and is offering ongoing support. The message includes a photograph of Justin with his arm around the girl.

(You are reading - Justin bieber hoax - Helped girl raped after his concert )

However, the claims in the story are total nonsense. The events described did not happen. The prankster who made up this absurd tale took and reused the photograph of the girl without her permission. The girl herself, writing under the name “Bieber Swag Baby” has tried to stop the spread of the rumors, noting on her blog:

ALL THE RUMORS THAT I WAS RAPED AND MY MOM DIED ARE NOT TRUE!!!! Someone took my picture and made up a story, I just met him outside of his hotel…NOTHING ELSE!!!

She also published the following FAQ entry:

Is it true that you got raped, your mom died and now justin is paying for your therapy?

NOO!! That is not me!! This is my photo and someone took it and made up the story. The picture is me but the story is not true! I just met him outside his hotel, nothing else.

The photograph, along with two others in the same sequence are also published on Bieber Swag Baby’s blog. And, for the record, there are no credible news or entertainment reports that back up the claims in the story in any way. Given the high profile nature of the young star, the story, if true, would have garnered considerable media attention.

(You are reading - Justin bieber hoax - Helped girl raped after his concert )

Thus, it seems that someone has stolen the girl’s photograph and simply invented the silly story to go with it. Such hoaxes can cause great distress for the innocent person whose images and information has been stolen and misused. Please do not pass on this nasty, false, and utterly pointless message to others.

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Dear people, stay inspired to rise, don’t spread false S##t, this looks like the work of a Belieber keen on giving some free publicity to JB, I don’t have any personal hatred for JB but the respect he earned via this fake post has been lost and it would be soon enough that many will feel so ! Justin bieber hoax like this spread like wild fires and in the end Bieber only gets publicity from these news but the other people involved loose there respect in society due to such Justin bieber hoax.

Stay inspired to rise !

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Justin Bieber Hoax – Helped Girl Raped After His Concert

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  1. I Don’t Understanding That The Girl In The Pic Is Get Raped Other Wise It’s Not True But Whats Wrong With Your Clothes Why Its Crash And Why Justin Is Crying And Why Are You Crying ?


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