LCD in display fingerprint scanner breakthrough!

Is in-display fingerprint scanner coming to budget devices?

There has been a huge ongoing battle between LCD and OLED displays for smartphones. A lot of people swear by LCD displays as they offer significantly higher brightness, sunlight legibility and a lack of shortcomings like screen burn-in issues etc. OLED displays on the other hand offer much deeper blacks, better battery lives and a much-saturated look for a smartphone display. Needless to say, OLEDs suffer from their own set of issues and can fail over time. OLED smartphone displays are prone to screen burn-in issues and can suffer from other issues too over a prolonged period of usage.

One thing which was exclusive to OLEDs till now was the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint scanner. There was no breakthrough to achieve an in-display fingerprint scanner on a device with an LCD display. This meant that such tech was exclusive to expensive smartphones and hence it didn’t get cheaper over time.

A Chinese company with the name “????” (Wen-Fu technology) recently demonstrated their LCD in-display fingerprint tech and now have over 160 LCD screen fingerprint patents.

lcd indisplay fingerprint scanner tech released

According to news sources they have solved problems related to LCD capacitor signal interference and demonstrated how their tech would work. It’s expected that a lot of low-end smartphone manufacturers might now use this tech and hence in-display fingerprint scanners would eventually become cheaper.

The company was able to achieve their breakthrough by adjusting and improving the traditional LCD backlight system. Their patent also shows their LCD panel with the in-display fingerprint scanner. Theirs is an algorithm assisted approach and also adopts the latest deep learning AI based neural network algorithm optimization. Their current tech is as fast as traditional capacitive fingerprint scanners and they are still working on improving their algorithm.

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lcd in display fingerprint sensor tech update

According to Xiaoteng’s product director Wang Teng,

LCD screen fingerprints are technically feasible, but this year should be less likely to have a product launch, the fastest end or next year. Conclusion: This year’s flagship will be OLED screen.”

So most probably we are still a year or two away from a major influx of smartphones with LCD displays and in-display fingerprint sensors. So what do you think about this? Is a major shift in this tech just some time away? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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LCD in display fingerprint scanner breakthrough!

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