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Lenovo ThinkPad T495/T495S/X395 to come with 12nm Ryzen APUs!

Ditching Intel for better performance and prices!


Recently a lot of laptop manufacturers have started considering AMD’s Ryzen lineup for their upcoming laptops. Their newer CPU’s provide powerful dedicated graphics, lower power consumption and more when compared to their Intel counterparts. Now the news is that Lenovo ThinkPad T495/T495S/X395 will come with 12nm Ryzen processors!

Since the introduction of the Ryzen processor in 2017, AMD’s share of the desktop CPU market has increased to about 15%. The notebook CPU market is close to 12%. But Intel is still too strong in the notebook CPU market, firmly controlling the high-end market. AMD mainly relies on the cost-effective competition that they provide. Today AMD has received strong support as Lenovo announced that it will use AMD Ryzen Pro processors in ThinkPad notebooks, and launch laptops such as T495/T495S/X395.

AMD Ryzen APUs on Lenovo laptops: The lowdown!

T, X series are the main models in the Lenovo ThinkPad notebook lineup. They previously used Intel’s Core mobile processor but this time AMD processor has finally been recognized by Lenovo’s high-end notebooks. And they will use the second generation of Ryzen 7 Pro with the 12nm APU. The processor of the 12nm process is specifically the Ryzen 7 Pro 3700U processor with 4 cores and 8 threads. It has a base frequency of 2.3GHz. The turbo boost frequency is 4GHz, and there’s integrated Vega 10 GPU. With a TDP of 15W, it’s pretty power efficient as well. 

According to Lenovo, the performance of the new T and X series ThinkPad notebooks is up by 18%. And the battery life is extended by up to 4 hours, lasting up to 16.4 hours!

lenovo ThinkPad T495 and the slim T495s

Lenovo Thinkpad T495 and other models with Ryzen:

The ThinkPad T495 and the slim T495s all have 14-inch 1080p screens. The former went on sale in May and started at a price of $939. The latter went on sale in June and started at a price of $1,089.

lenovo thinkpad series with ryzen

lenovo thinkpad laptops with ryzen apu

The ThinkPad X395 would be 13.3 inches and would be available in June starting at a price of $1,089.

lenovo laptops with ryzen 3rd gen apulenovo thinkpad x395 with ryzen apu

So guys what do you think? Would these laptops be of great value for money? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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