Intel announces TigerLake 10nm processor and future roadmap!

Intel’s next few generations and more in depth!

At Intel’s recent investor conference, they showed their plans for the next three years to the outside world. In the process technology, Intel will continue to adhere to three strategies – 14nm won’t go away, 10nm mass production would begin, and work on 7nm is to go up! The 10nm process has caused Intel to suffer in the past few years. But it will be officially mass-produced in 2019. The 10nm Ice Lake processor will be released by June. Today, Intel also officially announced the second-generation TigerLake 10nm processor. A new CPU core and GPU core will be used this time around!

Speaking of the current 10nm processor generation, it is different from the previous one. In fact, the first generation 10nm process is the first two years of Cannonlake. But only a Core i3-8121U processor was out till now. Now Ice Lake, Tiger Lake should be the second and third generation of 10nm processors. But because Cannonlake was scrapped, Ice Lake became the first generation of the 10nm processors in real production, and Tiger Lake was the second generation.

In 2019, Intel’s main job is two processors – 10nm Ice Lake and hybrid architecture, 3D packaged Lakefield processor, the latter will be mainly used for low-power products. Ice Lake will be the CPU used in notebooks, desktops and ULVs.

Intel 2nd Gen TigerLake 10nm processors: The low down!

intel future roadmap icelake tigerlake

Regarding Ice Lake, Intel has already released detailed information. The CPU will use the new architecture, specifically the Sunny Cove core, and will also use the Gen11 core display, claiming that its performance is three times that of the previous generation. In addition, it is the first processor to integrate WiFi 6 and Thunderbolt 3.

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After Ice Lake, Intel will launch the second 10nm processor Tiger Lake in 2020. The CPU architecture is also new, but it should be the core of Sunny Cove. But the GPU architecture will change significantly on Tiger Lake. The graphics engine should be a new one altogether. 

The Tiger Lake processor will also innovate in display technology and the I/O technology. Intel did not mention the details, but it is time to support PCIe 4.0 and DDR5 memory in 2020. Otherwise, it will fall behind AMD next year.

So guys what do you think? Is Intel only playing catch up with AMD now? Or do they have it in them to sore past Team Red and bring in better performing CPUs at competitive prices! Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Intel announces TigerLake 10nm processor and future roadmap!

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