Lessons from an Evil mind-Top ten

Top lessons from an evil mind , let’s discuss some, the evil mind here is not of a single individual rather a bunch of people! So my dear friend you have been overwhelmed by the amount of advice you daily receive from people around you, self righteous people always trying to tell you what’s good for you and what isn’t. Parents, friends, teachers, society, movies, talk-shows maybe the list is endless.Everyone comes throws you on a high and you are left figuring what is the purpose behind feeling so rushed.

You are skeptical, and they say don’t act so.

But my dear friend, here in lies the truth : SKEPTICAL – You understand the ulterior motives behind people’s acts.So we here at Inspire2rise have compiled the top lessons we can learn from Evil people, evil minds and evil geniuses around the globe.


1.) Be NEGATIVE : Avoid Optimism
Now don’t just start throwing eggs and bricks on me, try to understand the fact behind this.
Recent studies have shown that those people who are pessimists live longer than optimists in general, and it all can be attributed to their skepticism.

Pessimism-lessons from an evil mind

They are often wary of other people and their actions and instead of looking at the world through rose tinted glasses they are constantly analyzing things around them as opposed to optimists who tend to have a rather more accepting nature. So as a whole pessimists don’t deteriorate the quality of their life but instead improve their chances of not being caught in deception or manipulation by others.

The economist Nouriel Roubini was largely dismissed as a pessimist, for his dire but accurate predictions of a coming global financial crisis, in 2006. Personality Plus opines that pessimistic temperaments can be useful in as much as pessimists’ focus on the negative helps them spot problems that people with more optimistic temperaments miss.
For more details on the study visit : Pessimists live longer ! (lessons from an evil mind)

2.)Be suspicious : AVOID FAITH
I know so what you are thinking, so much radical views in just one article, but don’t worry dear, it’s just the beginning of the making of a more informed individual.
So what is faith, Every religious text says : “HAVE FAITH !” , optimistic people around you say to believe, even when they know that what they are saying is of no value to them too . We have been brought up too believe others easily, sometimes we are left with no freewill of our own.

(# lessons from an evil mind )

Faith-lessons from an evil mind

What I have learned till now is that, even faith is of no real value to us. Did any God come to rescue you when you were in  trouble, no, but still some say it’s our faith which saves us. Why have faith in others, on an invisible identity ……..

When you can trust yourselves ( lessons from an evil mind )!

You must believe in yourself as their is no other person in this world who knows you better than you do.

(# lessons from an evil mind )

3.)Remain inconspicuous: Stay away from public eye
What we mean to say from this is that avoid  appreciation from people who would not even have a word of kindness for you behind your back, avoid too much public disclosure about yourselves, your lives, your behaviour because you don’t know where your information might be used and by whom.
Inconspicuous-lessons from an evil mind
Now we are not saying you to wrap yourself in a shell and become anti-social but still avoid highlighting your joys and achievements to a large social base because not everyone likes happiness in other’s lives and neither can you expect everyone to be happy for your accomplishments.

You are reading lessons from an evil mind, if some of the things written here are just too crazy for you then you my dear have been either fooling yourself or do not know your true persona!

(You are reading - Lessons from an evil mind )

4.) Avoid BLABBERING :
Have you ever seen animes carefully, the guy who is the ANTI-HERO is always the one who keeps to himself, has little words for others but whenever he speaks he makes sure he is being listened  to !
Kai-lessons from an evil mind
Harmless chatter as most people would like to say it is the root cause of low efficiency and is the hidden reason behind many of us not achieving the things we want to in our lives. The time which could have been spent in the betterment of our own self or some other good thing is wasted away by us in chattering and in today’s age of facebook, twitter and google+ we have become more and more prone to this form of time wastage which s surely killing us!
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5.) Follow rules but don’t be a NOOB :
Yeah do the above one sounds straight out from the mouth of a BAD-ASS guy from your class! Well we must follow the rules, shouldn’t we, but we should also know upto which point .Don’t follow a rule if you do not believe in it from the core of your heart, instead have the courage to stand up and speak against something if you think it’s prohibiting you as an individual.
We are in a free and democratic land aren’t we!
So you must know what is good for you and what’s not.
Stop acting like others know the best for you, we should immediately take control of our lives and it should start with the ending of this sentence!
The real lessons from an evil mind aren’t the ones which are evil it’s the perception !

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6.)You are COOL only till the time you don’t get caught !
Well we are not propagating criminals here but instead trying to say that even if you are doing a dangerous thing for the right cause, it won’t be good if it’s publicly out before your actions see the dawn of the day. The lessons from an evil mind work only for those who follow these with an open perception, those who have too clogged thinking patterns can’t understand these lessons from an evil mind even though they may have pure evil inside them, this evil that we are talking about here is not for turning people into monsters or crazy killers rather people who are more intellectual and thoughtful! [# lessons from an evil mind ]
Assassin-lessons from an evil mind

(# lessons from an evil mind)

7.)What B.A.D really stands for ?
Well you have heard Jackson’s song BAD, if you haven’t here’s a link for you :

If  you really wanna be B.A.D be like that, everything else is over-rated and plain shit!

[ We at Inspire2rise Have come up with a unique abbreviation for B.A.D : Buddhijeevi, Aadhyatmik & Daarshanik. = Literally means Wise human being + Spiritual + Visionary ]  [# lessons from an evil mind ]

9.)Avoid disclosing that you visited us !!!
This ain’t a lesson from a evil mind, it’s a WARNING to truly implement what you learnt, it’s our tendency to forget those things which we tell to those we love or are familiar with. Now that’s psychology for you dear !

You forget those awesome things which you immediately tell your friends about and you remember all those which you couldn’t tell because of some thing which stopped you !!! { YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN 😛 }

10) Now if you are reading this, THEN YOU HAVE BEEN TRICKED AT  YOUR OWN GAME!!
Because look carefully, after 7th lesson we jumped on the ninth:
Troll-lessons from an evil mind
So the 8th lesson is : “LOOK BEYOND WHAT YOUR EYES CAN SEE”

(You are reading - Lessons from an evil mind )

Chase-lessons from an evil mind
And if you don’t know him yet, which I am mostly sure you don’t , GOOGLE : “CHASE YOUNG”

=>Remember one thing for sure,”We are all free to follow our own path, do not follow me, or anyone else!”
– Ezio auditore

So did you like lessons from an evil mind if you did then let us know !
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Lessons from an Evil mind-Top ten

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